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Day of Remembrance.

This is late, but important. As many of you probably know, yesterday was the 22nd anniversary of the Montreal Polytechnique Massacre – during which a man named Marc Lepine killed 14 women because he was “fighting feminism”. Yesterday, we remembered … Continue reading

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links for 11-09-2011

College midterms have finally released me from their clutches, so here is a long overdue link round-up ! Here is a mishmash of articles published over the last week you should read. A review of a book by feminist Phyllis … Continue reading

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Links for 10-18-2011

Hi everyone ! Here are some of the things you should read/watch/check out this week : A moving piece on abuse and gymnatics, over at Jezebel. The Population Action International recently released this film, on the impact of climate change … Continue reading

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Links for 10-5-2011

And it’s that time of the week again. Here goes : October is domestic violence month You’re probably all inundated with Slutwalk-related articles after the NYC march this weekend, but still, you should read Sady Doyle’s piece about it. Also … Continue reading

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Links for 09-26-2011

And it’s time for the first link round up! Today, you should go and read Ivan Coyote’s post on being gender non-conforming and using public bathrooms. You should also head over to XX Factor and read Amanda Marcotte’s debunking of … Continue reading

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And here comes a new intern !

Hi everyone ! I’m Mounia, and I am Feministe’s fall intern. In essence, I’m here to take over from Anoushka – so I’ll be putting biweekly link round ups and maybe writing a little bit. Aaand since my name will … Continue reading

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