Day of Remembrance.

This is late, but important. As many of you probably know, yesterday was the 22nd anniversary of the Montreal Polytechnique Massacre – during which a man named Marc Lepine killed 14 women because he was “fighting feminism”. Yesterday, we remembered : Geneviève Bergeron (born 1968), civil engineering student Hélène Colgan (born 1966), mechanical engineering student […] more

links for 11-09-2011

College midterms have finally released me from their clutches, so here is a long overdue link round-up ! Here is a mishmash of articles published over the last week you should read. A review of a book by feminist Phyllis Chesler on how MRAs are eking into the family court system and changing the game […] more

Links for 10-18-2011

Hi everyone ! Here are some of the things you should read/watch/check out this week : A moving piece on abuse and gymnatics, over at Jezebel. The Population Action International recently released this film, on the impact of climate change on women. Last week we celebrated Coming Out Day – and Basic Rights Oregon marked […] more

Links for 10-5-2011

And it’s that time of the week again. Here goes : October is domestic violence month You’re probably all inundated with Slutwalk-related articles after the NYC march this weekend, but still, you should read Sady Doyle’s piece about it. Also on SlutWalk is Latoya Peterson’s piece on racism and solidarity over at Racialicious! Another event […] more

Links for 09-26-2011

And it’s time for the first link round up! Today, you should go and read Ivan Coyote’s post on being gender non-conforming and using public bathrooms. You should also head over to XX Factor and read Amanda Marcotte’s debunking of the media reporting on a study claiming that bossy women have less sex. Your weekly […] more

And here comes a new intern !

Hi everyone ! I’m Mounia, and I am Feministe’s fall intern. In essence, I’m here to take over from Anoushka – so I’ll be putting biweekly link round ups and maybe writing a little bit. Aaand since my name will be popping up on your reader feed quite a bit, here goes : I’m an […] more