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Feminism and Anti-capitalism: A Love Story

This past Saturday, I participated in Chicago’s Bughouse Square Debates, an annual event where authors, thinkers, and activists stand on literal soapboxes and, amid heckling crowds, argue a point in 15 minutes. My topic was, “Is there such a thing … Continue reading

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Mid-week intro!

Soooo I’m a little late to the game this week. But I’m here and very excited to guest-blog for Feministe. My name is Nona Willis Aronowitz. I just turned 26. I’m the author of Girldrive, a book based on a … Continue reading

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One more thing before I go: Feminist blog readers are the shit

Sadly, my two-week stint at Feministe has come to an end. It’s been really fun and informative to read your comments–thanks so much for your feedback. I’m gonna plug my own blog real quick and urge you to contribute your … Continue reading

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Flashback: World’s Youngest Feminist

(Cross-posted at Girldrive) So I know this is like a year old, but I couldn’t resist posting this aMAZing video before my guest stint was over. In this episode of “Smart Girls at the Party,” 7-year-old Ruby Karp, the daughter … Continue reading

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The Politics of Peeing: Test-driving a Go-Girl

The instant I found out about the newly rebranded female urination device (FUD), Go-Girl, I jumped for joy. The news segment I saw on it (above) made it look great, and the website paints it even better: like a statement … Continue reading

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“Jennifer’s Body” and the feminists who hate it

(cross-posted at Girldrive) I went and saw Jennifer’s Body this weekend, not because I thought it was going to be a feminist masterpiece, but because writer Diablo Cody has been seeping through countless pubs and blogs in the last month, … Continue reading

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Can I live, Gerson?: In defense of cohabitating

(Cross-posted at Girldrive) I’ve gotten used to the fact that national publications perennially print columns bemoaning how young people are screwing up love, sex, and marriage. I’ve even learned to contain my anger when the claim that casual sex causes … Continue reading

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A thousand Hail Marys

Just wanted to make sure Feministe honored Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul, and Mary, who died yesterday of cancer. I went to a hippie socialist summer camp, and every year on Hiroshima Day, we’d sing “Where Have All The Flowers … Continue reading

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Rubyfruit Jungle, oh how I heart you

Hi everyone–apologies for being MIA since Monday, things have been a lot crazier than I expected in the last few days. I am planning on posting something else later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, but I’m going to first … Continue reading

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It’s getting harder and harder to think of a good intro title…

Just in time for Jaclyn Friedman’s piece on online misogynist assholes harassing Feministe guestbloggers (fab article, BTDubs), I’ll be Feministe’s guest the next two weeks. My full name is Nona Willis Aronowitz (yes, a mouthful!). I’m a loyal reader of … Continue reading

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