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Thanks to hosts Jill, Cara, Holly, Jack, Lauren, piny and kactus for inviting me to join you and some truly excellent guest bloggers this summer! This has been inspiring, educational, and fun. Also thanks to the Feministe commenters for some … Continue reading

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Bigotry relies on classification. People who are sexist, racist, ablist, homophobic, transphobic, what have you, have convinced themselves that women, people of color, etc. are X or are not Y. That they are able to feel a particular way about … Continue reading

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Dirty Little Secrets

I have a secret. Some of the folks who know me in bloglandia know about it. It’s kind of embarrassing. OK, I’ll just say it.

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John Edwards, Again: The Monogamy Issue

In Lauren’s post on John Edwards, anonymous says: “It is clear to me that the people posting about how monogamy is unnatural and how people can be happily poly amorous have never been on the receiving end of the news … Continue reading

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John Edwards

It may be hip, detached and cynical, as befits the Third Wave, to deny that marital affairs are relevant in evaluating a politician. But being burdened by none of those particular attributes, I disagree. I think there are some fine … Continue reading

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Princesses and Raunch Culture

My opinions on Raunch Culture took an abrupt turn about four years ago. That’s when I had a baby daughter. Now I haven’t experience some of the changes others have upon giving birth. I did not experience any desire to … Continue reading

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Opt Out, Push Out, and Pink Collar Paths

In ”The Other Home Equity Crisis”, Judity Warner claims there’s no real “Opt Out” trend, that instead: “Women left the workforce when the cost of child care ate up their entire after-tax salaries, or when family-unfriendly workplaces pushed them out. … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Magic Carpet

Is sex work a feminist act? Not in itself, no, IMO. Any job is feminist in the limited sense that women working and supporting ourselves is feminist. But unless a type of work actively promotes women’s equality, I don’t think … Continue reading

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Can Sparkle be Feminist?

There have been so many posts out there in the past few weeks about sparkle that I don’t know where to start. I’m using “sparkle” as a catch-all for burlesque, sex work, fashion, any kind of sexy display or fashion … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Intro

Hi Feministe readers! My name is Octo and I blog at Astarte’s Circus. I am very excited to be chosen to be part of such impressive company for the next two weeks. My blogging is kind of an odd mix … Continue reading

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