Thanks, And Farewell!

This post ends my guest-blogging stint here at Feministe. Thanks to Jill, Piny, Zuzu, Kactus, Jack, Holly, and Cara for giving me the opportunity to share my writing with a different audience than usual. And thanks to all the readers and commenters who engaged my writing in good faith. For those “fucking whiny-ass titty bab[ies]” […] more

Teh Laydeez Are So Cute When They Try To Blog

The fucking New York Times strikes again with their abysmal coverage of issues relating to women’s activities in the public sphere. In this article entitled “Blogging’s Glass Ceiling”, Kara Jessela covers the BlogHer conference held last week in San Francisco, California. First of all, does it surpries you one fucking bit that this article–about the […] more

George W. Bush Is Totally Batman, For Realz!

From today’s Wall Street Journal: A cry for help goes out from a city beleaguered by violence and fear: A beam of light flashed into the night sky, the dark symbol of a bat projected onto the surface of the racing clouds . . . Oh, wait a minute. That’s not a bat, actually. In […] more

Clarification Of Comments On Medical Battery

My blog post the other day about the surgeon who committed battery by placing a temporary tattoo on an unconscious patient has generated quite a bit of, shall we say, consternation among some physicians and surgeons. In re-reading the post, I see that it was written in a way that was overly hyperbolic and generalized […] more

Evidence That The “Mainstream Media” Is Complicit In The Destruction Of Our Constitutional Republic

Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast observed the following truly heinous disgusting behavior on a supposed “news” show this morning: Just how I had Morning Joe on for five minutes, and in a segment with Mort Zuckerman decrying the campaign’s placing of McCain in ridiculous situations, such as grocery shopping with a young mom while wearing […] more

Guilty Pleasures: Shitty Music and Project Runway

Jill has tagged me with the Guilty Pleasures “what lame shitty crap music is on your iPod” meme. As a rule I don’t roll that way, but since I am having such a good time here at Feministe and Jill is so cool, I’m gonna play along. Here is the lame shitty shameful shit on […] more

More On Medical Battery

Lauren posted yesterday on a disgusting story about an orthopedic surgeon who has been placing temporary tattoos on his patients during surgery. The shit hit the fan when this asshole placed a red rose tattoo under the panty line of a female patient, who didn’t discover the tattoo until her husband saw it. Lauren has […] more

The US Economy Is Completely Utterly Totally Screwed

I’m sure many of you intentionally watch, or at least sometimes inadvertently are exposed to, the “financial” shows on channels like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, etc. They have all these financial tickers streaming across the screen, and very professional looking men and women in business suits “on location” at various equity and commodity exchanges […] more

Humor, Rhetoric, And Power

Lots of discussion in blogtopia recently concerning humor. Left-wing bloggers seem split on whether the New Yorker Obama fist-bump afro black-power muslim flag-burning cover is delicious satire of delusional far-right-wing wackaloon assholes versus dangerous fodder for delusional far-right-wing wackaloon assholes. There have also been differing views on whether it is appropriate for white folks to […] more

Foul Festering Rot At The Heart Of America

There is a foul festering rotten core at the heart of the American polity. This core is comprised of pure undiluted hatred: for women, for anyone of non-European origins, for foreigners, for non-Christians, for “intellectual elites”, for pretty much everyone. This core has its roots in American slavery and has existed as a defining element […] more

Gender Inequity In Science: Why Legal Remedies Are Grossly Inadequate

When I was poking around at the Protein Wisdom right-wing wackaloon treehouse seeing what they had to say about my fisking of the NY Times piece on Title IX and science, I stumbled upon a species of apologist argument that I would like to address generically. The basic idea is that there must not be […] more

Blogging, Rhetoric, and Audiences

I think I have realized why some people–almost all dudes, as far as I can tell–are not enjoying my guest blogging and feel compelled to let me know that I am “doing it wrong” and that I am “not convincing”. Here’s the dealio: you are very confused about who my intended audience is, and what […] more