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The Shape of the Problem

What I wanted to talk about today is employment. I am currently unemployed, and have known very few trans people offline who weren’t in the same situation. It’s difficult to really get a true sense of the employment situation for … Continue reading

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You don’t get to out me

So far, I have avoided writing about trans subjects. Though that’s what I’m best known for here in Internet Land, it’s far from my only (or even dominant) interest in politics. I have layers, you know, like an onion or … Continue reading

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I get around

There has been a lot of pop music on Feministe lately – Sarah posted about Robyn recently, and s.e smith posted about Janelle Morae (both artists of which I Approve). So, in honour of Pride this weekend, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Australia’s First Female Prime Minister

After a successful leadership challenge this morning, Julia Gillard is now Australia’s first female prime minister! Not only that, but Gillard is left-wing even by Australian standards, with a strong background in the trade union movement. Perhaps even more surprising … Continue reading

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Stop right there, thank you very much

Two new fronts on the immigration fight in the US: In Nebraska, a small town called Fremont just passed a referendum today that will require tenants who are not US citizens to get an “occupancy license” from the city council … Continue reading

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Allo, allo

I see a couple of the other guest bloggers this week have already started, so I figured twas time for me to get cracking myself with an introduction. I do this with some anxiety, since my introductory thread last year … Continue reading

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“Women’s only,” round 1000

Did you know there’s a women-only pharmacist in Vancouver?  It opened yesterday. Only, “women’s only,” doesn’t mean all women.  A number of bloggers have been posting about how this new pharmacy has from its birth held onto some old prejudices – … Continue reading

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I’m being taken over by the fear

  “I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless/ cos everyone knows that’s how you become famous.”  Taking a side step away from specifically trans posts (cos y’all tiring me out already, and I have another week to … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Filling Out Forms

I hate it, every single time.  Name, sorted.  Then…  clunk.  Sex – M or F.  Sod. It seems like an easy question, right?  For most people it is.  For me, it should be an easy question.  I live and identify … Continue reading

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o hai etc

Hi y’all.  I’m Queen Emily, one of this week’s guest bloggers.  Some of you will know me from as one of the bloggers at Questioning Transphobia, or possibly my personal blog where these days I mostly talk about what pop … Continue reading

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