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Final Post- What’s the First Album You Owned?

Well, it’s my last day guest posting here at feministe, and I just wanted to say thanks to my gracious hosts for letting me clutter up their site. I really appreciated the invitation, and it’s been a really interesting week. … Continue reading

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Another Post on Children: A Lesbian Couple, Sperm Donation, and Me…

I was reading this article from the Washington Post earlier today, and thinking about the situation that this guy is in. It makes me wonder how common these sorts of situations are. I think that most of us, by now, … Continue reading

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Friday is List Day…

Months and months ago, I noticed the friday random ten from here or Pandagon (I forget where I noticed it first). I thought it was a fun idea, so I adopted it and added other random lists to create Friday … Continue reading

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News Out of MA: Legislators Defeat Same-Sex Marriage Ban…

This just in: The constitutional same-sex marriage ban that was being pushed in MA was defeated 45 to 151. The proposed ban needed at least 50 votes to make it to the ’08 ballot. This is great news. “We’re proud … Continue reading

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How a Post About Iran Punishing Porn Prompted an Epiphany

I wasn’t going to write about it. I really wasn’t. When I wrote about children, I wasn’t aware of the can of worms I was opening, but there are some things that I know are Big Messy Issues. Some things … Continue reading

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News From (my) Home- Local College Ignores the Clery Act…

Back when I was an undergrad, I had the pleasure of attending Eastern Michigan University, just outside of Ann Arbor. EMU was a great experience for me, and I had a lot of really great profs there, and I enjoyed … Continue reading

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What Do We Do About Video Games?

As some of you may have noticed in my bio that Jill posted, I’m a self proclaimed geek. One thing that I’m particularly passionate about is video gaming. I’ve been a huge gamer for almost as long as I can … Continue reading

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Why I hate “I hate children…”

Hello everyone! Roy here, starting my first day guest blogging. I thought I’d start my first guest-blog here by saying thanks to my gracious hosts for inviting me for the week, and by introducing myself to everyone. The bloggers here … Continue reading

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