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On the Myth of Inherent Female Bisexuality

Freudian psychoanalysts held that all people, male and female, are born bisexual and like a light switch held between on and off, will usually fall into one of two extremes. Freudians, on the whole, did not consider homosexuality to be … Continue reading

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Possible Solution

We all need to pitch in to buy Lauren and Jill new laptops and bus fare to Las Vegas.

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And the SCOTUS Ad War Begins

NARAL Pro-Choice America is running a blistering ad campaign against Bush’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Roberts. It can be viewed through this page, which also includes the details that couldn’t be shoved into a 30 second spot. It appears that … Continue reading

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Thy Virginity Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks.

From the Catholic Church’s press release factory, we have an update on federal funding for abstinence-only sex education programs, titled To Abstain or Not to Abstain. On June 9 the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and … Continue reading

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When Terrorism Works: Hiroshima & Nagasaki

As the Manhattan Project was nearing its end around this time in 1945, Leslie Groves asked George Marshall to designate someone to direct the task of deciding which cities would be the targets of the United States’ shiny new weapon. … Continue reading

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Horowitz: The Man from Self-Victimizationville

Getting Some Business Out of the Way, or The (Much) Shorter Version of What Happened Last Night No pies.† No streaking. Lots of heckling and a few protest signs. Horowitz did not convince me of the necessity for a Hoosier … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Tongue

As a supplement to Alley Rat’s upcoming post on Kerner’s She Comes First, I offer a post about a tongue. A plant’s “tongue”, that is. Yesterday, a specimen of Hydrosome rivieri, one of a a class of plants commonly referred … Continue reading

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Horowitz Is Coming to Town

Bloomington that is. You may know my feelings on David Horowitz and his meddling in Hoosier affairs. He’ll be here on the Indiana University campus this Thursday for a stop on his whirlwind “Silencing the Liberal Majority” Tour. Here’s the … Continue reading

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