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MONDAY ARTS SECTION: Time to Check In With Tina Fey’s Feminism!

Friends: I am fond of jokes. I am fond, very specifically, of ladies who make jokes. It’s not easy out there, for those ladies! Professional comedy is, as lots of folks will tell you, a fairly male-dominated industry; and, if … Continue reading

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(NOT REALLY A) WEEKEND ARTS SECTION: Manic Pixie Songwriting Dream Girls, A History in Youtube and Published Slur

You know what people don’t do enough of? 4,000-word essays about sexism in pop culture, published on the Internet. One such person who does these things is me! Frequently! But another such person is B. Michael Payne, favorite Internet presence/sometimes … Continue reading

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WEEKEND ARTS SECTION: Dear Leslie Knope of TV’s “Parks and Recreation,”

In vain have I tried to repress my feelings. It will not do. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. With a numbered list of reasons! 01. You invented “Galentine’s Day.” It’s been … Continue reading

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WEEKEND ARTS SECTION: Nothing That Happened This Week Was Ever Going To Be As Important As The “Telephone” Video

It’s true. Like: do you remember when Michael Jackson died, and folks were lamenting the death of “monoculture?” They thought there would never again be the experience of knowing that everyone you met had seen the same music video that … Continue reading

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WEEKEND ARTS SECTION: Marisa Tomei Will Never Invite Me To a Dinner Party

I hate to say that my problem in life is that I have “high standards.” Only jerks say that, right? I mean: Have the standards or not, but don’t invoke them in the name of defending your right to be … Continue reading

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Mourning the End of an Era in Lazy Comedy

In times to come, my children will ask me about this day. “So, when did you get over it?” This is what my children, whose names will be Skippy, Tall Boy, and Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Doyle, will ask me. … Continue reading

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The Hangover That Never Ends: What I Learned From the Golden Globes

I’m still bitter about the Golden Globes. Of all the things that I could potentially be bitter about, I admit, this is probably the most absurd. I don’t watch the Golden Globes. I don’t care about the Golden Globes. Who … Continue reading

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Welcome! To the Year 2010!

Greetings, Time Traveler! Have you recently emigrated to this, our Future World, from the early 1990s? Your appalling standard of dress informs me that this is so! I do hope your travels have not been overly taxing. Please, enjoy our … Continue reading

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Acts of Contrition: Feminism, Privilege, and the Legacy of Mary Daly

So, Mary Daly died. Huh. Now, if you know about me, even a little, you will know I have a complicated relationship with the works of Mary Daly. At first, they were everything I embraced about feminism; then, they were … Continue reading

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Start Your Decade Off Right! By “Rebranding” Feminism!

Hey, you guys! It is almost a new year! A new DECADE, even. That is a big deal, right? And, as we approach our bright and shining future, it’s time for us to engage in some serious thoughts. Thoughts about … Continue reading

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Red-Blooded Americans “Assaulted” by Dancing Gay Dude on TV

In the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan contemplates the “decline in American optimism,” as evidenced by polls saying that 55% of Americans believe the country to be on the “wrong track,” and 66% don’t think life will be better for … Continue reading

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Media Critic Calls for End of Media Criticism and/or Feminists

Oh, good. I was wondering when someone would publish an article with this headline! Again! Has Feminism Gone Too Far? Now: careful readers will note that this is a post on The Frisky, to which I have contributed in the … Continue reading

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