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In Solidarity (and thank you, once again, for having me)

Hi, Feministe-ers. It’s been two weeks, and I haven’t written every day or written everything I’ve wanted to. I’ve written some things that have made you angry, and some things that have made you happy, and some things that I … Continue reading

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The Newest in Creepy from Crisis Pregnancy Centers

There’s another strategy that’s gotten less attention: an under-the-radar campaign by large anti-choice organizations, like the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates and Focus on the Family, to fund and guide the conversion of CPCs into licensed, limited-service medical … Continue reading

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For Lovers And Fighters (Or, Wherein I Fangirl Dean Spade)

Capitalism is fundamentally invested in notions of scarcity, encouraging people to feel that we never have enough so that we will act out of greed and hording and focus on accumulation. Indeed, the romance myth is focused on scarcity: There … Continue reading

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Returning to the scene of the class war

Aggravated today by a New York Times story in which striking Verizon workers were forced to argue that their wages weren’t, in fact, “too high”–seeing them make the very valid point that living in the New York area and raising … Continue reading

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Control: Or, How I Learned My Feminism From 80s & 90s Women in R&B

As promised. Well before I was even remotely cool enough to listen to music that wasn’t on the radio, I was surrounded by a fierce pro-woman message. If, as I wrote before, the message in Dirty Dancing sank in well … Continue reading

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One Silver Dollar: Concerts, Women I Love, Rock’n’roll

[The Kills, performing a cover of Marilyn Monroe’s song “One Silver Dollar” from the film River of No Return. Lyrics here.] I learned my politics from rock’n’roll. It’s a fact, but these days I am listening to less and less … Continue reading

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I Had The Time of My Life–Dirty Dancing, Remakes, and Battles We’re Still Fighting

Monday night I went to a screening of Dirty Dancing hosted by Jezebel, benefiting the New York Abortion Access Fund, and featuring a Q&A session with the film’s screenwriter and co-producer, Eleanor Bergstein. Is there any better way to spend … Continue reading

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It’s the class war, kids

This morning my Twitter feed is full of two seemingly disparate things: the riots in London, the cleanup, the aftermath, and then the recall elections in Wisconsin. Two things that seem so far apart but when you look at them, … Continue reading

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Back 2 The Base

Hello, Feministe-ers! I’m Sarah. I’ve guestblogged here before; you can find my stuff here. This time around, well…I’ve sort of broken up with feminist blogging. I’ve taken Latoya Peterson’s advice and taken my feminism to another arena, which is mostly … Continue reading

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Happy May Day!

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.” -Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, Hellraiser. Here in the U.S. Labor Day is a muted affair celebrated at the end of the summer. It’s mostly lost its meaning to millions … Continue reading

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The Right to Fuck Up

I almost called this post “Fucking Up: A Right or a Privilege?” but I decided that A. I am tired of debates over privilege and B. I believe we SHOULD have a right to fuck up. I’m not talking just … Continue reading

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This isn’t the post I was going to write today. I was going to write about the right to fuck up in feminist/progressive/social justice communities. Maybe you’ll get that one later in the week. But this morning I woke up … Continue reading

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