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When the Movement Disappoints

I moved to Brooklyn from Philadelphia almost a year ago. My partner got his dream job here, so I left my decent reproductive health gig to live in the feminist mecca. I had high hopes – almost every major feminist … Continue reading

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Read This: Afterthoughts on Alexandra Wallace and White Female Privilege

There’s an excellent piece on Racialicious today by Andrea Plaid, which quotes Feministe guest blogger Sarah Jaffe quite liberally. Go read it and tell me what you think. Excerpt below: To me, Wallace’s tirade pivots on Jaffe calls the Sarah … Continue reading

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Compassion Fatigue

I’m in a clinic. It’s dirty. There are lots of other women there, women who look like me. The room is rectangular and the chairs squeak when you get up. I’m there to have an abortion. I’m 14 weeks pregnant. … Continue reading

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Righteous Providers, Medical Pariahs?

When we talk about the stigma associated with abortion, the conversation is often about the experiences of women who choose the procedure. Sometimes we talk about abortion providers, specifically the harassment and violence they endure to courageously provide women with … Continue reading

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Why is the Gay Rights Movement is So Far Ahead of the Abortion Rights Movement?

On last week’s episode of Glee, gay characters Kurt and Blaine kissed, and not just a peck-on-the-cheek kiss. A full out passionate, lip-smacking smooch. I was pretty pleased about this (ok, I was grinning from ear to ear) and then … Continue reading

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Allow me to (re)introduce myself

What up, feminists! I’m excited to be here with you all for the week while Jill is on vacay. I’m Steph Herold, a reproductive justice activist and organizer. That essentially means that I do a whole bunch of crazy shit … Continue reading

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