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Literature: Not Enlightened Yet

For my final post, I’d like to talk about something near and dear to my heart: contemporary literature. When I first realized that I wanted to be a novelist, I figured that, gender-wise, I was making the right decision. After … Continue reading

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On Being Jewish and White

I’ve written before on how angry I was when fellow progressives began to inform me that while some Jews consider themselves white, it’s only because they’ve assimilated into white culture. They never explained what white-looking Jews actually are, if not … Continue reading

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This is what anti-semitism looks like

I’ve noticed that, when the topic of Israel and Palestine comes up in liberal and radical circles, discussions often have a tendency to dissolve into arguments over which criticisms of Israel are valid and which are anti-semitic. It’s a tough … Continue reading

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This is rich.

McCain’s hard-hitting, no-bullshit response when asked if we’re in a recession*: “I would imagine that technically there’s some question amongst economists about that.” Huh? He then goes on to acknowledge that “Americans are hurting… badly,” but we are truly living … Continue reading

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Space: The Funnest Frontier!

So, hey, Phoenix Mars Lander, anyone? Awesome, right? It landed on Mars! Well, I think it’s awesome. For those of you who don’t spend your typical Saturday night watching NASA TV, the lander is on one of Mars’ polar regions, … Continue reading

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A Brief(?) Addendum

Exholt left a comment on my last post that I thought warranted further discussion: Hate to be cynical, but most parents of undergrads and the undergrads themselves I’ve met in college, the workplace, and in grad school tend to not … Continue reading

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The Ivory Ceiling Part 2

Why Our Problem is Your Problem First off, thanks for all the great comments on part one. I’m glad people are finding this helpful; it goes without saying (I hope) that I’m finding your thoughts helpful, too. Recently, two friends … Continue reading

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The Ivory Ceiling: How Academia Keeps Women Out

Last March, Native American scholar and activist Andrea Smith was denied tenure by the Women’s Studies department at the University of Michigan. Smith’s publications and awards were more than enough warrant the job security that tenure provides; to students, colleagues, … Continue reading

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Hello, all! I’m one of this fortnight’s guest bloggers. My blogging name is The Girl Detective, and I write for Modern Mitzvot, a site devoted to exploring social justice from a Jewish perspective. I also write at my self-titled blog. … Continue reading

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