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Women’s Boxing now an Olympic Sport – Good or Bad?

Today the International Olympic Committee added women’s boxing which will debut at the 2012 games. It was the only sport that excluded women in the summer games (as you may recall, women are also excluded from ski jumping in the … Continue reading

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Another magazine another photoshopped woman

Seriously, why do magazines think that we won’t notice? Or are they truly going with the “a photo is just the beginning of our art project” theory? Becuase if photos are just an art project for them, then just fucking … Continue reading

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This is why we need more women in media

In the last six months or so, Chicago has had its fair share of townhalls and gatherings trying to figure out what the heck is happening with corporate media. What will happen when the newspapers finally fail? Will they? Where … Continue reading

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Salutations…It’s my fancy way of saying hello.

Who can name the movie I just quoted?

While you are thinking about it or web searching (aka cheating), allow me to introduce myself. I’m Veronica and I have a fairly neglected blog called Viva la Feminista. But don’t let that fool ya, I’m a writing machine! haha…I contribute to Kenneth Cole’s AWEARNESS blog, Girl w/Pen and WIMN’s Voices. You might also recognize me as the woman holding a mic on page 3 of the current issue of Ms. magazine. I’m a mom blogger. Not mommy cause as a friend of mine says, “Only my daughter calls me mommy.” And really, my 6-year-old daughter calls me “mama”.

Thanks to Jill for inviting me over here for a summer guest blogging appearance. I’ve been reading Feministe since it’s infantcy, so it’s an honor to be asked to vacay over here for two weeks. I don’t have a plan on what to write on over here, so enjoy the blogging salad I’m about to throw at you.

But today I want to share with you a story about mom bloggers, swag and how we are using it for good. Continue reading

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