Wheelchair Dancer

Body Matters: A Bow

“It’s nice to see you outside,” the woman’s voice said. I looked at her. She didn’t seem familiar. And what did she mean … how could she not have been seeing me outside? I was a little thrown, “I’m sorry. I don’t recognize you with your sunglasses on…” “Oh,” she chirped, “You don’t recognize me […]

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Just Who You Callin’ White

I’m still processing this one — so there’s not much in the way of analysis here. It has always been fun for me to experience the myriad ways disability “whitens” me as I go about life in the mainstream (i.e., white, non-disabled) world. Essentially, the way this works is that the cultural perception that disabled […]

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Life Isn’t A Rehearsal: Introduction/Prologue

“Life isn’t a rehearsal” is one of my father’s favourite sayings — that and “better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.” (No, I don’t know what it means.) At every significant point in my life, I have received a phone call, voicemail, unsigned note, or email: “life isn’t a rehearsal.” In […]

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