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Never let it be said that the Kardashians don’t recognize an opportunity

I have been fortunate enough not to have actually seen an episode of one of the many Kardashian-related reality TV shows in existence. Yet I am unfortunate enough to still know who these people are. That said, I have to … Continue reading

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Okay, seriously.

Come on, Peter Jackson. You’re the guy who condensed a thousand-plus-page epic into three briskly-paced films, and now you’re stretching The freakin’ HOBBIT into three movies? Blahblah Erebor blahblah Dol Guldur blahblah Necromancer. Dude. The Hobbit is a simple story, … Continue reading

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I am an athlete.

If you have read any of my writing before, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I am fat. I’m not as fat as I was when I started writing for Feministe, but I’m fatter than I was this … Continue reading

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I’m baaaack! Here for the next two weeks.

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Here’s the tl;dr for this post: Dawn Eden made herself a nuisance to this blog and others about five or six years ago. Just Google her name along with that of pretty much any feminist blogger or blog and you’ll see what I mean. Now she’s reared her head again, mentioning me and this blog (and my reviews of her first book) in an interview about her new book. I don’t care all that much about what she said about me, personally, but the interview and book bring up a lot of issues that Dawn and I (as well as other feminist bloggers) have gone at each other over before and which I feel merit a response. Dawn has long been an engaging if fundamentally dishonest writer, particularly on the subject of feminism and women’s sexuality, and in the interview and her book, she accuses feminists of, essentially, causing child sexual abuse by supporting sexual freedom for adult women. In addition, there’s a good bit of inside-baseball stuff about the Catholic church and the clerical sex abuse scandal, and how Dawn addresses – or rather, fails to address – that scandal in the context of a book, written from a specifically Catholic perspective, about using Catholic writings and teaching as a means of healing from childhood sexual abuse. Continue reading

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So long, farewell…

Now that we’ve added some great new bloggers to the roster here at Feministe, it’s time for me to announce that I’m leaving. But Zuzu! You’ve left before and you came back anyway! How can we miss you if you … Continue reading

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Dear Coworkers,

Kindly push your loogies down the drain when you hock them up into the sink, rather than allow them to cling tenaciously to the side of the basin for the viewing pleasure of others. Love, Zuzu

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Everything I know about foreign policy, I learned in kindergarten

Jesus. Is he kidding? Last night at a fundraiser in San Francisco, Barack Obama took a question on what he’s looking for in a running mate. “I would like somebody who knows about a bunch of stuff that I’m not … Continue reading

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Shameless self-promotion Sunday

Let’s have it.

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Random Junebug blogging

It seems that she’s finally getting accustomed to the camera.

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BSG Discussion Thread: Episode 4-1 “He That Believeth In Me”

SQUEEEEEEEE! It’s back! Gab away. Spoilers are fine, so be warned if you’re reading.

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The mountaintop

40 years ago, the day after delivering this speech, he was assassinated.

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