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Pope Francis to childfree couples: Even your dogs suck

For all of the misogyny inherent to the Catholic church (and evangelical and conservative Christianity in general), newbie Pope Francis has gotten a lot of attention for his (relatively) more progressive views and policies in his year of service. And yet. On Monday, Il Papa celebrated Mass with a group of 15 lengthily married couples to celebrate their marital milestones and deride those selfish, fruitless couples who would rather have pets and vacation homes than kids. Continue reading

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I definitely want to pet your dog.

But I still think Farhad Manjoo is correct here when he says that many dog owners are a little too lenient with their pets. Not everyone likes dogs; a lot of people (me included, actually) are allergic to dogs. A lot of people are scared of dogs — yes, even your cute one.
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Good advice from smart people

Do you read Ask Polly? I love Ask Polly. She and Captain Awkward are my favorite advice-givers in all of internet land. And she has some particularly good advice this week, for both a woman who’s boyfriend isn’t treating her right, and another who is afraid to end a dysfunctional relationship with a heroin addict. They’re both scared of being alone. Polly says, in a way that feels especially right to me at this particular moment in my life (which is how we always read advice columns, isn’t it?): Continue reading

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Hey wanna see some cute animals?

Who could say no to cute animals? (Did you say no to cute animals? You are the worst. Click the link anyway, you won’t be sorry. Seriously just look at them, or just scroll to #1 and DIE because OH MY GOD THOSE EARS). (SeriousFeminism to resume shortly). Continue reading

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A letter to a departing companion

Fiona Apple has postponed her South America tour to be with her ailing pitbull Janet. She writes a heart-wrenching, wonderful letter which will feel familiar to anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet or even a person. If you feel like reading something sad and beautiful, is here. A taste: Continue reading

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The Meat We Eat

True story: I was mostly vegetarian (technically pescetarian) for 11 years. Then I moved to Sardinia to be a nanny for an Italian family. After a few weeks of not eating any meat, I started to feel bad about the fact that the family always had to make a different dish for me, so I abandoned my vegetarianism. The first piece of meat that I tucked into was a tough little hockey puck with some garlic and butter on top. I figured it was over-cooked beef until, after polishing it off, the father of the family asked me if I enjoyed the cavallo. Continue reading

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Tell me about your rescue pet

I’m doing some volunteer work for a local animal rescue organization, and one of our projects is a Tumblr documenting stories of rescue pets. If you have (or had) a rescue animal you love, we would very much appreciate submissions. Continue reading

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Meet Your Local Extreme Breastfeeder

The other day one of my seven year old daughter’s guinea pigs died and it is the first death my two kids have dealt with up close and they love their guinea pigs, and I do, too, and so it … Continue reading

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Can you help a cat-lady out?

This is Peg-Leg Pete (“Petey” for short). Petey, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is a little guy I adopted back in July. He is just the best and I love him. Pete came through the organization Brooklyn Animal Action, a group run by a small and extremely dedicated group of women in New York City. Much of the organization’s funding comes from its volunteers. Without them, Petey — whose foot was crushed as a kitten and who has undergone multiple surgeries and weeks of daily vet visits — wouldn’t be alive, let alone sitting on my couch right now. So they are an organization very dear to my heart. They’re also hosting a big fundraiser on Sept. 10th from 6-10pm at Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope. The invite is here. If you’re in the area, I’d encourage you to attend — Stone Park is a great restaurant, and the event is for a good cause (not to mention having great food and a silent auction). They’re also honoring Dr. Yvonne Szacki, the vet who did Pete’s surgery and provided his daily care for months. She is wonderful, and this honor is well-deserved. Continue reading

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Crappy day today

So here are some pictures of my dog. Enjoy.

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I’m baaaack! Here for the next two weeks.

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The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About PETA

Nicole Cliffe, have you been reading Feministe? Continue reading

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