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A Travesty of Justice

A jury acquitted a Hoquiam man who was accused of breaking into a home and throwing a dead mink at another man during a confrontation that made weasel headlines across the country.
IT’S NOT A WEASEL, IT’S A MARTEN. Nosepunch. Flee. Acquitted.

Someone needs a hobby.

Oh Prudie, you get the most special letter-writers: Q. Animal Abuse?: Is it animal abuse if the owners of three dogs constantly denigrate their largest, least intelligent dog? They love all three of their pooches, and they shower each dog…

Drunk Mooses Wreaking Havoc in Sweden

Move over bears, there’s a new animal threat in town: Inebriated mooses (meese? moose?). An inebriated moose trying to get more fermenting apples apparently lost its balance and ended up stuck in an apple tree in Sweden, The Local website…