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Hello, we’re back, and what happened

Nice to be back (ObBritcatchphrase: to see you, nice). Sorry it was for so long, I hope the few of you who saw some updates on Twitter felt reassured.

So what happened? Continue reading

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Boring, technical post about winter Feministe series…

As noted earlier this week, posts and comments have waned and waxed in regularity as of late, for various reasons. One is that most staff are part-time, with a predictable decrease in commenting activity as a result – no shock there. But a more structural reason, as both commenters and commentators have pointed out, is the nature of blogging in recent years. Most activity now takes place on blogging platforms, i.e. daily aggregators like BuzzFeed and Gawker, rather than on individual blogs. As winter approaches, we can’t promise more frequent posts – but we can promise more regular ones, based on this tentative roadmap for winter… Continue reading

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A whiny, unprofessional, and arguably unauthorized rundown of the current status of Feministe

I want to jump in to clarify the situation here at Feministe, and it is at the risk of sounding whiny and defensive, but so it goes. I also want to make it clear that I speak only for myself, and EG and tigtog and Echo Zen might be grinding their teeth and locking me out of the system as they read this (which would be their right). Continue reading

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Problems with commenting

WordPress has pushed out a lot of security updates recently, and one of these appears to have broken our commenting template, hiding the “Submit” button so that none of your comments are coming through. Continue reading

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So we’re back on the internets again

A few minutes well spent by moi on Twitter contacting our webhosting provider finally got them to return Jill’s calls and change our server plan like she wanted weeks ago. Continue reading

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The return of regular guest posts

You may have noticed we’ve fallen down on the job of publishing guest posts over the last few months. It seems each of the editors was hoping that the others would pick up the slack, and it just didn’t happen. Apologies to all who have sent a submission to us and not heard back. Continue reading

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Bug Alert

FYI, there’s some sort of twitter bug going around. I’m removing all the twitter share buttons until it’s sorted out. Continue reading

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Feministe now has a Mission Statement

Firstly, we never thought we would ever need a mission statement. It seemed rather self-aggrandizing for what has always been just a multi-author personal blog which prioritises women’s voices, where the bloggers express opinions on whatever is currently engaging their interest. We thought that our seat-of-the-pants attitude was obvious enough that we didn’t need to make it explicit that there was no mission other than being openly opinionated women. The freedom to be openly opinionated in a space of one’s own was an uplifting experience, and that was enough for us. We thought it would be mission enough for our readers too.

However, over the years since Feministe started in 2001, as our readership and commentariat has grown, there have been many assumptions made … Continue reading

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The blog is back!

For now, the server is rebooted and I, at least, can see the blog. Can the rest of you see it too? Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Hope those of you in the U.S. are having a pleasant one. I am currently in Malaysia for the Women Deliver conference, and will be blogging some updates from here. So prepare for a few days of maternal health news! Also please prepare for slightly slower moderation over the next month, as Malaysia time is 12 hours ahead of the east coast of the United States, so I’ll be asleep while many of you are commenting. On the Memorial Day tip: As long as we’re honoring fallen American soldiers, we should maybe also honor those who are currently serving by having a real zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual assault. When 26,000 soldiers were sexually assaulted last year — up from 19,000 in 2010 — there’s clearly a cultural problem in the military. Continue reading

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Favorite Feminist of the Day: TigTog

Just wanted to take a moment to send some love to our tech / moderation / does-everything goddess TigTog. She keeps this place running smoothly, she’s exceptionally generous with her time and ideas, and she’s come up with and instituted many of the new comment features that are leading to more productive discussions and better moderation — calling for a giraffe, threaded comments, open threads. She is, in a word, wonderful. And she works extremely hard without the credit she deserves. So take a moment and leave a comment for TigTog — or a cat photo, or your favorite GIF, or whatever you think she would like. Because TigTog is the best and we love her. Continue reading

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Guidelines for submitting Guest Post Pitches

We’ve just published detailed guidelines for submitting a pitch for a Guest Post here at Feministe.

We’re also looking for some volunteers to be part of an editorial-team just for considering/managing the publication of Guest Posts (no thread-moderating duties, just editorial).

UPDATE: If you’ve arrived here only because you’ve got a Google Alert for “Guest Post” and your pitch reflects your lack of familiarity with this blog and/or unwillingness to read and abide by our Guidelines, your pitch will be deleted without response. Continue reading

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