To Tip or Not to Tip

I always tip in restaurants, even if the service is crappy. Why? Because I know that service jobs really suck, that the waitperson is probably making less than minimum wage, and that they’re on their feet all day probably dealing with rude and difficult customers. But tipping is also awkward. What if you do get […] more

“Wow! She’s fat!”

At first, I was taken aback by the Village Voice article on the new Dove ad campaign, as it starts with calling the model “fat.” But what I like about it is that it admits that when many of us (myself included) see an ad with an average-sized woman, there’s a moment of shock. Then […] more

Body Impolitic and the Dove Campaign

Badgerbag pointed out an interesting blog that studies the Body Politic, aptly named Body Impolitic. See their picture galleries of beautiful unconventional nudes. One of the first posts on their blog today discusses the Dove brand “Campaign for Real Beauty,” a campaign that I was at first skeptical about. Looking at their site, however, has […] more