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Imagine It With Me

What would it look like if Halliburton was in charge of the NOLA clean-up project? UPDATE: Oh my god, I was kidding.

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Another reason to shop

They now sell sex toys. One bad thing: On the sex toys page, they also sell some things that can be pretty bad for your vagina, like douches and “feminine deodorant sprays.” Via Feministing.

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More Miss NYU

Naked girl, on a dorm room bed, covered in money. But hey, it’s for charity! (thanks to Maya for the link)

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Why is anyone still shopping at American Apparel?

American Apparel has been celebrated as a young, socially responsible company that rejects sweatshop labor and pays its workers well. This is all true. But for those of you who missed the Jane article documenting the bad behavior of AA’s … Continue reading

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Via Mac I have discovered an eBay-esque site called Etsy where you can buy handmade items from all over the globe. I have decided that I will quite possibly keel over and die if I do not get my hands … Continue reading

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Those Who Might Scorn It Are Invited To Kiss It

It looks like Nike is going the way of the Dove ads, even their new Nike Women website. Good? Bad? I defer to Jill. At least Nike is selling a brand of health (if you can overlook the sweatshop labor). … Continue reading

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To Tip or Not to Tip

I always tip in restaurants, even if the service is crappy. Why? Because I know that service jobs really suck, that the waitperson is probably making less than minimum wage, and that they’re on their feet all day probably dealing … Continue reading

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The Dove ads that won’t end

Like nearly every other feminist blogger, I’ve written about the Dove ads before. And yet, I have more to say. These ads have created quite a stir, and not just in feminist circles. They’ve prompted op/eds in major national newspapers. … Continue reading

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Elements of Style

From the fashion pages… Shopping while black — even Oprah can’t escape poor treatment in department stores, as she was recently shut out of an Hermes boutique in Paris. The Voice has more. Feminist fashion: the petticoat, apparently. I’ll admit, … Continue reading

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“Wow! She’s fat!”

At first, I was taken aback by the Village Voice article on the new Dove ad campaign, as it starts with calling the model “fat.” But what I like about it is that it admits that when many of us … Continue reading

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Body Impolitic and the Dove Campaign

Badgerbag pointed out an interesting blog that studies the Body Politic, aptly named Body Impolitic. See their picture galleries of beautiful unconventional nudes. One of the first posts on their blog today discusses the Dove brand “Campaign for Real Beauty,” … Continue reading

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Poise Pro-Choice Messenger Bag

For now the feminist ad network is on hold, scratched in favor of a person-to-person deal promoting an item I love, the pro-choice messenger bag. Bonus: when you buy one, Cinnamon donates $15 of your payment to your favorite pro-choice … Continue reading

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