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Hot, Sexy Gardening Pics

I just uploaded a bunch of garden pictures. Go look if you too like teh garden porn. Any locals interested in tomatoes in about two weeks?

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The New Wife

Perhaps The Today Show needs a little help from Oxford Old English — they seem to be a bit confused about the definition of the word “new“: It was the first report in the Today Show’s week-long series, “The Changing … Continue reading

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The Garden

I still have no tomatoes though two of the (twenty, no kidding) plants stand over six feet tall. I have a feeling that all of them will come in at once and I will be forced to learn how to … Continue reading

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Love, CWA-style

Thanks to World o’ Crap for directing me to this poignant piece from Concerned Women for America. Here’s the premise: Janice is pissed because she realizes that she’s been mopping with a foam mop for 20 years when, really, she … Continue reading

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I spent the last three days in the garden, weeding, hoeing, and planting. I transferred the lilies in front to the pond and replaced them with pink clematis; tore out a bunch of mint to make room for my lavender; … Continue reading

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The Horror

Aguaman was successful, horrifyingly successful, in her pond exploits. This is the most traumatic thing that I could imagine today. Wildlife sanctuary indeed.

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Cross-class marriage

The New York Times is doing an excellent series on class issues this month, and the feature today is about what happens when people marry across class lines. The whole article is interesting, but one part in particular stuck out: … Continue reading

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I’m Going to Throw The F Up

I have been tending to the pond lately, and recently added a lily pad to the pond to grow over the summer. If you don’t know this yet, this is a big deal for me. I’m highly disgusted by even … Continue reading

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Happy Friday the 13th Open Thread

Blog Notes: I’ve made some changes as per the blogroll situation. Links directly to commenters’ and trackbackers’ blogs are now featured in the sidebar in addition to leads to this blog’s comments. This should boost reader stats without slowing my … Continue reading

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Knit for Choice

Dr. B. has radical reasons behind her knitting: Doctors say Kenya’s strict abortion laws have forced thousands of women and girls to the backstreets where charlatans use all manner of sharp instruments — metal wires, knitting needles, forceps — to … Continue reading

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Too Much Nature

If you don’t know by now, I have a severe phobia of fish. I don’t know where it came from or why, but the mere thought of fish gives me stomach cramps. I can’t fathom why people would eat fish … Continue reading

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Basketball and a Bad, Bad Mood

I’m in a sour mood today, therefore holing myself up in the house and making some garbage soup. Fresh okra is available this time of year, and that’s one thing that makes the soup so damn good. That and the … Continue reading

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