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More reasons not to eat at Applebees, Papa Johns or Denny’s

Just in case you weren’t aware that the owners of some big-chain restaurants and huge jerks, check out this piece by Matt Yglesias highlighting the temper-tantrums being thrown by the owners of Applebees, Denny’s and Papa Johns over Obamacare. Their problem? Under Obamacare, small businesses don’t incur any additional tax burden; businesses that already provide health insurance are also in the clear; and so are businesses that pay their employees a living wage. But businesses that both employ more than 25 people and pay extremely low wages have to put some money into the health care system. The multi-millionaires who pay their employees pennies and are the beneficiaries of Republican tax breaks don’t like that, and they’re throwing fits: Continue reading

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Feministe friends Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara are working on a great project and they could use your help. Continue reading

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Why Breastfeeding Is A Feminist Issue

What’s going so wrong with the breastfeeding and formula-feeding conversation? Start with the rampant individualism. Conversations about how you feed your baby tend to be preoccupied with women’s choices and decisions.. and then, blame. You know the conversation has little … Continue reading

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Quick things

I am writing a rather complicated post at the moment for Feministe, so in the meantime.. Quick things to look at – some pretty, pretty pictures in “Yes These Bones Shall Live” over at the International Museum of Women, which … Continue reading

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Finances and Relationships

Over at The Hairpin, A Married Dude is advising a woman whose husband is wonderful and great and supportive but refuses to contribute a single cent to her six-figure law school loans. The advice-seeker writes: Continue reading

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Not Another Mummy Blogger

Hi. I’m the writer from blue milk and I’m thrilled to be writing at Feministe. I write about motherhood from a feminist perspective and I sometimes write for the Australian feminist group blog, Hoyden About Town and other times I … Continue reading

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Millennials and Economic Justice

I’m a millennial. I’m a recent college graduate—no matter how much more established colleagues in their late twenties and early thirties say, “I know how hard it is to be a recent grad” or an MSNBC (or any other news … Continue reading

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Romanticizing debt and ramen

That lub-dub-sniff-lub-dub you’re hearing is the sound of my heart weeping for not-struggling young journalist Taylor Cotter. Continue reading

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Health Care and a Dirty Word Called “Tax”

There’s a lot we can talk about in response to the U.S. Supreme Court (“SCOTUS”) decision on the Affordable Care Act. It may have created a deep schism in the conservative wing of the Court [Huffington Post]. Its clear from … Continue reading

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Choice: It’s None of Your Business

It’s that age. I have one friend who is hosting her baby shower. I have another friend who is waiting at an abortion clinic. Another friend—of the friend who is having a baby—just bought a pink blanket with baby elephants … Continue reading

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Supporting Emerging Designers

Supporting emerging and small-scale designers costs more than buying clothes at a big retailer like the Gap or H&M. But if you have the extra cash, Erica Cerulo of Of a Kind (a fantastic site) explains why it’s worth investing in some emerging-designer pieces: Continue reading

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The Cost of Motherhood

Bryce Covert has a fascinating article in the Nation right now about how baby-having can put you deep in debt — not just because babies are expensive, but because U.S. parental leave policies put impossible financial strain on new parents. Continue reading

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