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All Things Come From Whoops

I am working on putting together and refining a five minute story to be told for an American Sign Language exam tomorrow. Chuck, my evil and competent classmate, is great at this stuff (as well he should be, writing his … Continue reading

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Free speech

I know I should stop reading conservative commentary, because I only get irritated at the total lack of common sense, but I can’t help it. Today’s winner of the “what are you talking about?” award has to go to Debra … Continue reading

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The Godless Professor

Right-leaning New York rags like the Sun and the Daily News are all up in arms about the possible appointment of an atheist to chair the sociology department at Brooklyn College. Katha Pollitt takes on the issue beautifully. The professor, … Continue reading

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Sex ed, ’50s style

Not only are young people today getting indoctrinated with abstinence-only miseducation, but the videos they’re watching in health class come from the days of the Feminine Mystique. (Let me quickly add that this article is kind of irritating. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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The 10 most harmful books of the 19th and 20th centuries

Because book burning isn’t a bad thing, is it? The list is topped by The Communist Manifesto — which, apparently, is even worse than Mein Kamf. Huh. Forget that, even if you disagree with the Communist Manifesto, it’s still a … Continue reading

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Should parents be allowed to sit in on sex ed classes?

This woman tried, and was turned away. While I’m sympathetic to her cause — she didn’t want her child being misinformed by fact-deficient abstinence-only education — I think that as a general rule, it’s not a good idea to have … Continue reading

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Fun With Intelligent Design

This Alternet article gives some helpful hints to science teachers forced to teach intelligent design in addition to evolution: Intelligent design is not creationism per se. It holds that higher forms of life are so complex they must have been … Continue reading

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Educe Me

My long-time friend, Anne, has started a blog relating to her studies in education. She spent all of last week observing in a high-poverty, inner-city school in Indianapolis. Many of her experiences there are incredibly interesting as an an outsider. … Continue reading

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Would a Cancer Patient Be Denied?

An anorexic student is being denied her title as valedictorian because of a strict attendance policy. She was absent for seeking inpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa. Karen Scherr is the top academic student in her class at Kingwood High School … Continue reading

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Teachers Have It Easy

I was pleased to come across this synopsis of Dave Eggers’ new book after the discussion on teaching and public schools. Some quotes from teachers that Eggers and his co-authors Ninive Clements Calegari and Daniel Moulthrop compiled: “I spent $3,900 … Continue reading

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A Rant on Public Education, Long Time Coming

To understand why the public school system is in any way deficient, you must first understand this: Schools are, from the ground up, primarily controlled by politicians.

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T-3.5 Hours

The kitten has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I forgot about Friday Cat Blogging last weekend, so screw it. Pablo has been trying to take over my lap all morning. After being virtually ignored for the last … Continue reading

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