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Quick hit: Underpowerment and belfies

It’s not my place to tell a woman she shouldn’t spend $25 on a pair of panties if she wants to. I would never say that a feminist can’t enjoy pink bubble letters. And if you’re so comfortable enough with your body that you want to take and share a selfie of your butt, that’s good for you.

Thus I present this without comment. Continue reading

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Marie Claire Australia wants you to love your body.

Mainstream women’s magazines, despite their protestations to the contrary, are rarely an outright bastion of body positivity for any woman of non-model proportions and facial features. So it’s admirable that it was Marie Claire Australia that commissioned six ad agencies to create print ads encouraging women to love their bodies. But is it enough? Continue reading

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Jezebel vs. Lena Dunham and Vogue, condensed

Heard that there was something going on with Jezebel and Vogue magazine and Lena Dunham, and you were quasi-curious but not really curious, or you were semi-demi-curious but not inclined to give Jezebel the clicks? For your reading pleasure: the condensed version. Continue reading

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Open Oscars Thread

Have at it.

**UPDATE: Way to drill down way lower than people’s worst expectations of you, Seth McFarlane. Bleagh.**

**UPDATE: WTF? appalling Onion tweet re Quvenzhané Wallis.** Continue reading

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Can fashion fix fashion?

I worked briefly in fashion — briefly, for a couple of years, because in general it’s not a healthy industry to work in. But the fact is, I still enjoy it. Clothes are so pretty, y’all. And Jill is absolutely right that there is no shame in thinking that clothes are pretty, and that fashion is seen as frivolous more because it’s a “woman thing” than for any other reason. But what about all the truly problematic aspects of industry fashion?

Eh… Continue reading

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The Real Cost of Your Clothing

A disturbing look at abusive labor practices at major retailers. None of this is news, but it’s nice to see individual companies analyzed. So where should you shop? Continue reading

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ElevenSixTwelve: Mobilizing to Re-elect President Obama in 2012

Almost four years ago, President Barack Obama achieved something monumental: he inspired people who had never voted to vote in droves. He motivated college students across the country to organize rallies and voting drives in support of his campaign. And he encouraged millions across the nation – across racial lines – with his message of hope and change. Continue reading

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On fashion, time, Hillary Clinton, numismatists, and Big Coin

Fashion, for almost anyone not in the industry, is a hobby. Clothing is something we’re required by law and weather to wear; fashion is something some of us choose to do. But unlike most other hobbies, women are automatically assumed to be participating, and unlike coin collecting, Hillary Clinton gets interviewed about it completely out of the blue. Continue reading

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Madame Secretary! Madame Secretary! Who are you wearing?

So you have the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sitting next to you, and you have a microphone, and she’s speaking to the young people of Kyrgyzstan, and you can ask her questions, and you go with It’s Oscar de la Renta, right? I can tell. It’s totally de la Renta. Continue reading

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Never let it be said that the Kardashians don’t recognize an opportunity

I have been fortunate enough not to have actually seen an episode of one of the many Kardashian-related reality TV shows in existence. Yet I am unfortunate enough to still know who these people are. That said, I have to … Continue reading

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Fascinators: PROBLEMATIC

Organizers have tightened the dress code for the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. Among the changes: no fascinators allowed. Of course this requires a reexamination of Feministe’s own policy about hat posts. Continue reading

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Supporting Emerging Designers

Supporting emerging and small-scale designers costs more than buying clothes at a big retailer like the Gap or H&M. But if you have the extra cash, Erica Cerulo of Of a Kind (a fantastic site) explains why it’s worth investing in some emerging-designer pieces: Continue reading

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