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I think Zara is the obvious winner, but Katharine Duchess of Kent put up a good fight. I’m very disappointed, though, in Princess Beatrice. I had such high hopes for her. Continue reading

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Students at Stuyvesant Take Issue With Dress Code

And no wonder. Stuyvesant is one of the best public high schools in New York City; it’s very competitive to get in, and its graduates go on to excellent colleges. And apparently the kids at Stuy were dressing “inappropriately,” and a new code had to be issued and enforced. Here’s the code: Continue reading

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Kill It With Fire

An incomplete list: Continue reading

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So should we just start calling high heels “body modification”?

Disclaimer: I’m in heels today, as I am most workdays. They’re really cute Oxford booties, black patent with white topstitching. They’re currently sitting on the floor next to my desk. According to new research, that might not actually be helping.

Researchers at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, have been looking at the physiological impact of heel-wearing on women’s feet–not just the back pain and the foot-crunching, but changes on the muscle and tendon level. Those changes? Significant, they found, and negative and long-lasting. Continue reading

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Fat acceptance, circa 1957

Hell yeah, she can look just as pretty as her less generously proportioned friends. She can also be as happy as a hit with a rollicking beat, and she can have a tummy and still look yummy. And those dresses … Continue reading

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Awesome Size 12 Model Wins Silly American Apparel Contest

Recently, Jill wrote here on Feministe about Nancy Upton, the awesome size 12 lady who entered a silly beauty contest from American Apparel by taking awesome pictures of herself in foody positions. (You can find pictures by clicking here, or … Continue reading

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Auf’ed Is A Word In Every Gender: A Few Reality TV Notes

So here’s the thing: while waiting this past weekend in my just-across-the-block-from-the-evacuation-zone apartment for the threatened transformation of New York from this: Into this: …I did not spend my weekend writing posts for Feministe, as was my brief, but instead … Continue reading

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I’m too pretty to come up with a title for this post. I wonder if my brother’s busy.

Unimportant update: Turns out my brother was actually busy recovering from back surgery, which slipped my mind only for a second, I swear. Regardless, he was game to do my homework for me, thank God. I believe the children are … Continue reading

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What could possibly go wrong?

Well, this sounds like a well-made piece of television heading our way: MTV is debuting a new reality show in October in which a small town girl moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in the fashion industry. The … Continue reading

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Bebe launches “workwear”, assumes “celebutante” is actual job

Bebe, the clothing store best known for selling skin-tight minidresses and shirts with word bebe (strictly in all lower case) in rhinestones across the bust has decided to branch out into something they’re calling workwear. I freely concede that since … Continue reading

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Model behavior

It’s a story I’ve recounted as a humorous anecdote, but it’s certainly got an edge to it: During my harrowing tenure at a fashion publication that shall remain nameless–realistically, some devils actually wear as much J.Crew as anything else–I had … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Dollhouse: Men and Beauty Products

Back when pretty much the only men wearing makeup were either rock lords or Boy George, I privately came up with the guideline that if any particular piece of grooming was something women generally performed while men generally didn’t, I … Continue reading

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