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Twirling in Neon

Violet Photons Have Low Entropy or I Used to Wear Black I wear colors now! a purple hat red top green skirt blends in with grass when I lay back to hug the sky my lips as clovers eyes brown … Continue reading

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NYC Clothing Swap Tonight at 6:30

I haven’t yet posted about secondhand clothing and why it’s feminist (but it is and that post is coming!) but I just got an email reminder for a Five Boroughs Clothing Swap taking place tonight and wanted to plug it, … Continue reading

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Hey Hey

Of course it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m just starting my guest blogging stint. I’ve been excited about this for weeks, so I hope I’m not off to a bad start! Unfortunately, I’m not really around a computer much … Continue reading

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I’m on vacation and (obviously) not blogging very much, but check out these sweet hats. I’ll be back in the game on Monday. See you dudes then.

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How do men have so much fun shopping for swimsuits?

Unfair. If only we could all be this upbeat about finding the perfect suit, trying on dozens of them and not feeling discouraged by our perceived imperfections. I’m imagining this article written by a 49-year-old woman, and it reads a … Continue reading

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So, men in shorts.

Photo via the Sartorialist. Per usual, Choire is right about everything. No shorts at work. None of those horrible cargo shorts. But nice-looking well-fitting shorts? I TOTALLY SUPPORT men in those shorts. All men? No. Not all men look good … Continue reading

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Are yoga pants appropriate for work?

So should you wear yoga pants to work? It depends; do you work at a yoga studio? Then that’s ok. Or are you a busy mom who sacrifices dignity for comfort? That is not ok. Elastic may well be a … Continue reading

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Standardizing Sizing

It is about time. In one store, you’re a Size 4, in another a Size 8, and in another a Size 10 — all without gaining an ounce. It’s a familiar problem for many women, as standard sizing has never … Continue reading

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In honour of the wonderful Elly Jackson

It was recently Elly Jackson’s 23rd birthday, so I thought we ought to celebrate! (But, uh, ran a little late, apparently!) Who is Elly Jackson, you ask? She’s half of British electro-pop band La Roux, who won this year’s Grammy … Continue reading

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Kiddie Couture

French Vogue features its youngest models ever: Kindergartners. They’re fully made up and are striking eyes-cast-down, pouty-lipped poses. And the spread is called “Cadeaux,” which means “gifts.” Um, yuck. The copy asks, in part, “What makeup at what age? What … Continue reading

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Maybe I will have something more intelligent to say about this later, but: I appreciate women who are able to have a sense of humor about fashion, and who recognize that for a lot of us, clothing is wearable art … Continue reading

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Men & Fashion

An Esquire blogger takes issue with Google’s new “Boutiques” shopping site: Shopping is hard enough as it is. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The reason men don’t get quite as excited about buying clothes as our … Continue reading

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