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Why “I prefer small boobs” isn’t helping

“I like small boobs.” “I actually prefer untrimmed pubic hair.” “Ew, skinny girls! Eat a sandwich, amirite?” They’re inevitable contributions to any thread discussing women’s bodies, always offered by men as a word of comfort to insecure women or as valuable male insight into the male gaze.

Thanks for thinking of us, guys, but trust me: We get insight into the male gaze every day. The real impact of the male gaze is about way more than beer commercials, Playboy pictorials, and who does and doesn’t have to pay her own bar tab. Continue reading

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Fat is a Feminist Issue

Here’s something you should read today: Continue reading

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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta shames fat kids to save them

It was surveys of two towns in Georgia that convinced Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta that the nation’s relentless campaign against childhood obesity wasn’t hitting hard enough: Georgia has the second highest rate of childhood obesity in the U.S., and parents in the towns surveyed seemed unaware of their kids’ obesity. So to promote their Strong4Life campaign, Children’s decided that a painfully blunt approach was necessary, and damn the consequences–even if those consequences involved putting sad, overweight children on billboards and TV ads to shame their parents into action. Continue reading

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Because the poor really do have it too easy these days

In a conservative intolerance one-two punch, Rick Santorum gives it to the poor and the obese in a single tweetable comment. The comment came at an Iowa town hall where he explained his plans to cut the federal food stamp … Continue reading

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Fat acceptance, circa 1957

Hell yeah, she can look just as pretty as her less generously proportioned friends. She can also be as happy as a hit with a rollicking beat, and she can have a tummy and still look yummy. And those dresses … Continue reading

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Awesome Size 12 Model Wins Silly American Apparel Contest

Recently, Jill wrote here on Feministe about Nancy Upton, the awesome size 12 lady who entered a silly beauty contest from American Apparel by taking awesome pictures of herself in foody positions. (You can find pictures by clicking here, or … Continue reading

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Meet American Apparel’s New Plus-Sized Models

UPDATE: Duh, read Nancy’s blog. She’s mocking American Apparel and the whole contest. So now I can 100% say: Nice work! I am behind it, ranch dressing cumshots and all. ___________________________________________ American Apparel is having a plus-sized model contest. The … Continue reading

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An appetite for moral panics

Anthony Bourdain has had freakouts over Rachel Ray, Sandra Lee, Alice Waters, Guy Fieri, and now Paula Deen. The most recent pissiness–the carping on Deen–was because (he said) she is beholden to corporate interests and she features foods (southern foods, … Continue reading

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You have to get to them young, before they start developing self-esteem on their own.

Weight Watchers. Atkins. Zone. How are you supposed to track points or calculate net carbs when you’re still mastering your addzuptas? Ask that irredeemable lardass Maggie! Available October 16, Maggie Goes on a Diet is (judging the book by its … Continue reading

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What could possibly go wrong?

Well, this sounds like a well-made piece of television heading our way: MTV is debuting a new reality show in October in which a small town girl moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in the fashion industry. The … Continue reading

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Fat and healthy – not an oxymoron.

Hey there! I know you’re all like “didn’t she say adieu (and spell it incorrectly, too) awhile ago?” Well, I did, but the delightful Powers That Be at Feministe are allowing me to another quick visit, in order to drop … Continue reading

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Twirling in Neon

Violet Photons Have Low Entropy or I Used to Wear Black I wear colors now! a purple hat red top green skirt blends in with grass when I lay back to hug the sky my lips as clovers eyes brown … Continue reading

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