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Standing with Amanda Terkel

Rachel wrote about this earlier, but just a quick follow-up for y’all who don’t click through links: Journalist, activist and ThinkProgress blogger Amanda Terkel was recently followed, harassed and ambushed by a production team from The O’Reilly Factor. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Regulating New Jersey’s Hair Down There

New Jersey’s reputation for big-haired women may have just been taken to the next level: The state is considering enforcing its ban on Brazilian bikini waxes. As Reason says, when hairless genitalia is banned, only bandits will have hairless genitalia. … Continue reading

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Live in Illinois? Read on…

The Illinois Campaign for Reproductive Health and Access are urging Illinoisans Illinoisians Illinoisers residents of Illinois to contact their state legislators in support on H.B. 2354, the Reproductive Health & Access Act. It passed out of committee on March 11, … Continue reading

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Preach it, Judith Warner

It’s about time someone wrote this: Now, I’m just as jealous of the yoga-pants-at-9-a.m.-on-Monday-morning crowd as the next frazzled working mom. But, I’m sorry to say, however delicious charting the downfall of the wealthy at-home mom may be, we do … Continue reading

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Come out Thursday and support GEMS

On Thursday March 26th, the Lovelife Event will be fund-raising for GEMS, an organization that focuses on mentoring and empowering girls who have survived sexual exploitation and assault. Their mission statement: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services’ (GEMS) mission is to … Continue reading

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Teenage girls and dating violence

The New York Times has a surprisingly thoughtful and complex article on teenage girls’ responses to dating violence — and of course, it’s in the Fashion & Style section. It’s worth a read, though, despite its unfortunate placement. The victim-blaming … Continue reading

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Justice for the Women of Atenco

From an Amnesty International email that just landed in my inbox: Last month, the Mexican Supreme Court confirmed that women in San Salvador Atenco suffered major physical and sexual abuse at the hands of police officers. But even with the … Continue reading

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New Statistics on Military Rape and Reporting

To readers of this blog, the fact that rape of women in the U.S. military is rampant should not be news.  But just in case you needed more evidence, HuffPo has information on new figures that have just been released. … Continue reading

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Support for paid parental leave

I was at my last job when I had my now 18-month-old, and yes, I had the nerve to complain that I only received six weeks paid maternity leave. Heh. They seem like glory days to me now. This fall, … Continue reading

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Mao’s Menstruation

My Little Red Book edited by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff Do you remember your first period? Wait, no – I phrased that wrong. Do you remember your first annoying classmate who wouldn’t shut up about her period? You know, the one … Continue reading

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Gendering Infants

I’ve seen a couple of blogs now post on Baby Bangs — a new company that creates wigs/toupee’s for bald or short-haired baby girls so that people will not commit the heinous act of mis-gendering them.  An example below, via … Continue reading

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Inside the Quiverfull Movement

Kathryn Joyce, one of my favorite writers, has a new book out called Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement. It looks, in a word, awesome. Joyce has been studying the Christian patriarchy movement for years, and has written about it … Continue reading

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