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Boring, technical post about winter Feministe series…

As noted earlier this week, posts and comments have waned and waxed in regularity as of late, for various reasons. One is that most staff are part-time, with a predictable decrease in commenting activity as a result – no shock there. But a more structural reason, as both commenters and commentators have pointed out, is the nature of blogging in recent years. Most activity now takes place on blogging platforms, i.e. daily aggregators like BuzzFeed and Gawker, rather than on individual blogs. As winter approaches, we can’t promise more frequent posts – but we can promise more regular ones, based on this tentative roadmap for winter… Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: What if I don’t want my partner to watch porn?

Feministe Feedback

I feel genuinely concerned that myself and many women I know feel kind of bullied into tolerating their partners porn use when they don’t like it, and they don’t even use porn themselves. Honestly, I don’t date because of it, because I feel like it’s “unfair” of me to have this as a requirement and I know that it is, for me. I will be unhappy with a man (or woman) who uses people they don’t know or love for their sexuality without knowing if the other person may be harmed by it, or care what circumstances and belief systems may be driving their participation in porn. Continue reading

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I Miss You Already.

Remember when we didn’t even know each other? I was just some guest, and you were just Feministe? Without knowing it, we embarked on a journey together; what an adventure it’s been! But, like all good roller coasters, this ride … Continue reading

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Avatars ahoy!

[Updated to add more info on uploading an image] We have now enabled gravatars for comments. That’s what the little pictures are next to your names. If you don’t already have a gravatar tied to the email address you use … Continue reading

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Me and You and Everyone We Don’t Know: A Reflection on Discourse

(Trigger/content warning: religious upbringing, childhood trauma) The past week has provided the opportunity for a lot of unexpected self-reflection. While a guest at Feministe, I am navigating more exposure, and more feedback, than I’ve ever experienced. Most aspects of this … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Feminist Lit

A reader writes in: Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Polygamy and Feminism

A reader sent me an email asking for my thoughts, and (with permission) I turn it over to the Feministe commentariat: Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Addressing Abuse

A reader writes in: In my early teenage years, a cis male friend started pushing me around. The abuse never happened in school, and there is only one person in my life who witnessed his behavior. It took me a … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback:

A reader writes in looking for help for a course: I’m teaching a course on recognizing privilege to 10-12 graders in the fall. In order to teach it effectively, I need examples of any sort of racist, sexist, homophobic and … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Sexual Assault Resources on Campus

A Feministe reader writes in: I go to school on a teeny tiny (<500 students) college campus where, I have noticed, there are really no resources for victims of sexual assault. there are campus counselors, but they’re pretty well overbooked … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Job placement and assistance resources

A reader writes in: Four years ago I was raped by my ex-boyfriend in college and my life has been going sharply downhill ever since and I don’t know how to stop it.A year and a half ago, I was … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Dealing with racist relatives during the holidays

A reader writes in: I’m dreading going home for Christmas this year. At Thanksgiving one of my family members made an ugly racist comment that really made my blood boil. I stated that the comment was racist and I was … Continue reading

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