Why have I never made this before? It’s so easy, and so much tastier than store-bought. I lurves my stick blender. Share your food revelations in comments. more

Well, *this* is going to put me right off omelets

An EPA advisory panel has identified a compound used in Teflon as a “likely carcinogen.” I’ve known for some time that superheating a nonstick pan can kill your canaries, since it releases a toxic gas at high temperatures (which you can pretty much only achieve by turning the stove onto high and leaving an empty […] more

Cutting Fat Doesn’t Cut Heart Disease Risk

I’ve been saying it all along: A low-fat diet isn’t the answer. Based entirely on my non-scientific experience living in Italy, I think a diet rich in natural foods is best, even if those foods are high in fat (like olive oil). People long before me have lauded the virtues of the Mediterranean diet, and […] more

The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Day

There is a God. more

Blonde Ambition

Today’s vanity-laced topics: hair, language and looking at American politics from Europe. Pictures will be interspursed. And it’s a fucking novel. more