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Monday Fun

So while we’re talking about gonorrhea of the eye and infected sebaceous cysts of the head, here’s a question for the peanut gallery: What was your worst/most interesting/grossest injury? Mine: When my sister threw a piece of broken glass at … Continue reading

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Final Post- What’s the First Album You Owned?

Well, it’s my last day guest posting here at feministe, and I just wanted to say thanks to my gracious hosts for letting me clutter up their site. I really appreciated the invitation, and it’s been a really interesting week. … Continue reading

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How Will You Be Defined in the Dictionary?

Jill Filipovic: A person who falls into an outhouse and dies. Hot. Stolen from my friend Rebecca. Thanks, Rebe!

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Friday is List Day…

Months and months ago, I noticed the friday random ten from here or Pandagon (I forget where I noticed it first). I thought it was a fun idea, so I adopted it and added other random lists to create Friday … Continue reading

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The Dot, The Line and the Gender Divide

I’m feeling a bit ill today, and not up to much in the way of, like, thinking and writing loads, so tonight I will simply show you my favourite ever animation, “The Dot and the Line”…

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Jessica Valenti on The Colbert Report

She’s awesome. Congrats, Jess!

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Long Weekend LOST Blogging

For the Jin fans, since I didn’t deliver last time. Season finale. Woah. Spoilers below the fold.

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Who Says Women Aren’t Funny?

My brother told me about this comedian/magician, Ursula Martinez, who takes the whole “nothing up my sleeve” thing to a new level: The entire act, which is definitely NSFW, here.

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Friday Fluff.

Tonight, after the kids are in bed, I’m going to lie down on the sofa if front of the TV with a Netflix copy of Pan’s Labyrinth. And I will fall asleep fifteen minutes into it. And nobody is going … Continue reading

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Mixed Ability Undressed in NYC

Very cool event happening in New York City next week: An open performance from an experimental dance/theater company made up of people with and without disabilities, and of varying ages, sizes and body types. According to one of the members, … Continue reading

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Three more years of LOST?!

I love LOST, but I don’t want to wait three years to figure out how it all ends! But if it means three more years of Sawyer and Sayid, I suppose I can live with it. Yeah, I can definitely … Continue reading

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Giving “feminine protection” a whole new meaning

Behold the Pink Stinger: The copy is a riot: A new trend in security systems is on the horizon that will inspire the self defense/security demographic, shock the criminal community and give a new-found respect to the dismal tampon sector. … Continue reading

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