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Try me.

Scott Eric Kaufman asked this in one of the comments threads: The real issue here, I think, is how to ask such a question in the first place. How does one scale that first wall which prevents the ignorant from … Continue reading

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The Person My Dog Thinks I Am

Ballastexistenz has a post up about the difference between content and style, as it were: (You should go read the whole thing; I’m quoting chapters in isolation out of a long post.) At any rate, one of the false overlays … Continue reading

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One Man, One Woman

Eteraz posted this essay on muslim polygamy in America a while ago: Now, some of you may be thinking: I want to be such a man. If you do, good for you. Frankly speaking, I have no interest in a … Continue reading

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Forgot one!

I neglected to mention one of my biggest pet peeves. Lack of paragraph breaks in page-long passages of text: reliable indication of megalomania, or simple rudeness? Discuss.

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Lies, All Lies

Mighty Ponygirl suggested Alias Grace after dirtygirlfromill from Midwestern Transport started a sidebar about Lolita. I nominate The Good Soldier, by Ford Madox Ford, and Time’s Arrow (although it might not count, since the narrator is not exactly disingenuous). Who’s … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Be Lucky than Smart

So I’ve been thinking about the MySpace debacle (which it’s likely gonna be), and the argument that all you can really do is teach your children to avoid pedophiles et al., and about Lolita (light of my life, fire of … Continue reading

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What Else I’m Reading Today

All must-reads, and all worthy of their own posts. Check ’em out: UCLA’s Do-Nothing Admissions Solution: Out of an incoming class of 4,700 students, only 96 are black. Does UCLA care? Does anyone? What are they going to do about … Continue reading

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From Angry Brown Butch: In the wake of growing violence against Trans and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) people, as evidenced by the brutal attack on renowned Singer and Drag Performer-Kevin Aviance, the New York City Police Department and the City of … Continue reading

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Good question!

And a hell of a lot more constructive than most of the ones abuse survivors hear, no? I hereby promote this comment by Dianne from Jill’s post about Yvette Cade: If I may ask a slightly off topic question to … Continue reading

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Aggressive Measures

MySpace is being sued in the wake of a sexual assault. MySpace’s age verification practices come under attack by the plaintiff’s attorneys. The site requires users to be at least 14 years old, asking for name, date of birth, e-mail … Continue reading

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Teh Surgery

Because I am lazy, I will again rely on the inimitable Jamison Green for a brief synopsis of the available options:

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Ripping Off Jill

These are some of the things that bother me: 1) Commenters who appeal to one of us after another of us has banned them. This is like running to Mommy after Daddy puts his foot down (or vice versa). I … Continue reading

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