Real Simple

Sheelzebub on Voluntary Simplicity: Disconnected individuals making haphazard consumer choices will change nothing. It has changed nothing. If we relied on that during the second wave of feminism, we’d still be seeing Help Wanted: Female in the classifieds. (Since this is an abuse of the link button, I’d appreciate it if you’d go over there […] more

Well, That’s Perhaps Going a Bit Far to Make a Point

Man cuts off own penis to prove faithfulness to wife. Yowch. more

Swords into Plowshares

(Gah–blog rudeness update. I totally stole this link from Blue over at The Gimp Parade. Thanks very much! (And I forgot to link to the essay itself. Sigh.)) So you know that whole political lesbianism thing? As a Dorothy Allison fan who grew into queer maturity with the dystopic archetype of the miserable icy closeted-gay/lovelorn-hetero […] more

Appetite and Accountability

Via Alternet, the guy who wrote that book that I never got around to reading has written another book, about how we eat and why: In the process, Pollan offers some insight into how it now seems reasonable to eat fast food several times a week, or cut out entire food groups while attempting to […] more

Sugarplum Does Her Speedbump Impression

She loves to sit in this spot, which just so happens to be where my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen doors meet. Cat’s got a talent for getting underfoot. Another special talent is waiting until my foot is starting to come down after stepping over her and getting up and darting right under it. more