Appetite and Accountability

Via Alternet, the guy who wrote that book that I never got around to reading has written another book, about how we eat and why: In the process, Pollan offers some insight into how it now seems reasonable to eat fast food several times a week, or cut out entire food groups while attempting to […] more

Sugarplum Does Her Speedbump Impression

She loves to sit in this spot, which just so happens to be where my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen doors meet. Cat’s got a talent for getting underfoot. Another special talent is waiting until my foot is starting to come down after stepping over her and getting up and darting right under it. more


I’m late to the party, unfortunately. Jenn over at Reappropriate posted this cri di coeur about borrowing and theft: I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the Whites who disguise themselves as culture-seekers-and-appreciaters going to the distant reaches of the Orient to find some aspect of my culture to rape, pillage and reappropriate. I’m sick […] more

If I didn’t know better…

…I’d get the sense that Robert didn’t really need to be told. But it’d be unfair not to “extend intentionalism” to him, so I’ll just take his comment at face value. From a comment on earlbecke’s post on a blowup that I was actually planning to post on: Translation: you’ll extend the courtesy of accepting […] more


So there’s a pretty interesting discussion developing on Self-Made Man over at Alas. I know I have a contractual obligation to comment on the book, but my deep and abiding hatred for Norah Vincent and all her works have thus far prevented me from fulfilling it. Anyway, for starters, I just wanted to highlight this […] more