To Each His Own

-Being reassured that what ever kind of art you make it will be labeled feminine. –Item, “The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist,” poster by the Guerilla Girls, created 1988. In comments on my post about Kehinde Wiley, Robert Nanders had this to say: Very interesting. I’m not much of an art fan to begin […] more


This is the best invention since the smallpox vaccine! more

Return of Conehead

Oh, there was a short reprieve from the coneheadedness. The drain came out, the crust was washed off, the collar was off. But then, the scratching. So my little Conehead is back. more

Oh, not the “Gay Hitler” thing again!

I don’t think Hitler ever showed quite that much chest hair. In the press conference, Besen (of Jewish descent) claimed that ‘ex-gay’ ministries could not be trusted or tolerated in our tolerant society. To back up those claims he presented evidence that ‘ex-gay’ leaders invariably go back to being gay. Richard Cohen, John Paulk, Michael […] more


In the Chronicle today, an article about an artist who uses canonical paintings to produce new portraits: [Kehinde] Wiley, 29, has risen to prominence over the past five years. Raised in South Central Los Angeles, he attended the San Francisco Art Institute and earned his master of fine arts from Yale. His work juxtaposes Western […] more

Dirty Underwear

A while back, Blue Girl linked to this article about waiting tables in a gimmick restaurant where the diners eat in total darkness. Not my idea of an enjoyable meal (and why not just spread a tarp across the dining-room floor and grope for the bucket of hidden chicken for free?), but it is apparently […] more

Delightful Ladies

I just finished reading Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Trilogy, which was…long. Almost three thousand pages altogether. Slogging through it felt a little like this. The book is about the birth of modern empiricism–when science ceded to alchemy. It’s also about the birth of modern finance. Because many scientific discoveries involved new ways to travel, navigate, or […] more

Conehead more