Don’t Show Us Your Tits!

Courtesy of Jay Sennett, an ftm artist can’t perform onstage because he’d take off his shirt. And we can’t have that! Is it nudity when a guy takes off his shirt? What if that guy spent the first 20 years of his life as a girl? Then they’re breasts. End of discussion. The answer was […] more


Eteraz has moved, or rather evolved more

So there’s this meme going around…

And I’m not going to answer it, but I wanted to ask all of you: What’s the least attractive “fantasy” component you can possibly think of? Are you profoundly lactose intolerant (or an ultra-militant vegan), so much so that the thought of licking whip cream off of anything makes you ill? Is your horrible ex […] more

Going to the Mat

(Sigh) So Jay put up a wonderful post about how it’s possible to value some of the wonderful contributions bloggers make and still take them to task for their failures. He was talking specifically about Heart, and how she’s boffo on the anti-racist stuff but still not getting it about the “trans issue.” He’s right: […] more