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Why is it that posts about blow jobs, religion and Wal-Mart are the ones that generate over 100 posts?

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Why are you a Democrat, again?

Dianne Feinstein can kiss my flag-buffed butt. (No, it’s true! I use flags for toilet paper! Not just paper ones, either. I scour antiques stores for cotton and silk flags, preferably ones flown either in battle or from the porches … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Caring for the People Who Care for our Children: I wonder what the “we love babies” crowd would say to this? Childcare workers deserve better pay and better treatment. Period. A Japanese university is dispatching female students as “angels” to … Continue reading

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Trivial Blogging

(I am blogging light today; this should not be confused with a real post. Also, it contains a spoiler.) I saw Match Point the other day. It feels ungrateful to complain about any movie that involves Jonathan Rhys Meyers blindfolded–and … Continue reading

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Reading Lolita in Public

Lolita seems to have gone missing (second library book in as many months, which isn’t good). She’d just come home from the hospital. I’ve since finished Breakfast on Pluto and am reading The End of the Affair. In comments to, … Continue reading

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Why Don’t I Come Here More Often, Again?

So, do you get to assume widespread bigotry towards transsexuals if a metafilter thread starts out musing on social reception of transsexuality and ends up debating the ethics of aborting your freaky fetal ass?

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Well, yes. And?

Daran over at Creative Destruction argues: The other category is one of alledged positive benefits, such as enhanced educational and career opportunities. The argument usually goes that systemic racism/sexism tends to exclude women and POCs, whether directly (an equally capable … Continue reading

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What Else I’m Reading Today

Norbizness: Weekend Tutorial: Afghanistan. AlterNet: Abstinence Double Standard Threatens Girls’ Health (by Feministing’s Jessica) Buy My Baby. Selling advertising space on your kid — ethical? Pregnant and Unhappy About It. “As an abortion provider, I see women every day who … Continue reading

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Better Not Be Any Weasleys. Even Percy.

J.K. Rowling hints that two characters die in the next book. Don’t you touch Fred and George, missy.

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Yoga or boxing?

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Try me.

Scott Eric Kaufman asked this in one of the comments threads: The real issue here, I think, is how to ask such a question in the first place. How does one scale that first wall which prevents the ignorant from … Continue reading

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The Person My Dog Thinks I Am

Ballastexistenz has a post up about the difference between content and style, as it were: (You should go read the whole thing; I’m quoting chapters in isolation out of a long post.) At any rate, one of the false overlays … Continue reading

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