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From Angry Brown Butch: In the wake of growing violence against Trans and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) people, as evidenced by the brutal attack on renowned Singer and Drag Performer-Kevin Aviance, the New York City Police Department and the City of … Continue reading

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Good question!

And a hell of a lot more constructive than most of the ones abuse survivors hear, no? I hereby promote this comment by Dianne from Jill’s post about Yvette Cade: If I may ask a slightly off topic question to … Continue reading

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Aggressive Measures

MySpace is being sued in the wake of a sexual assault. MySpace’s age verification practices come under attack by the plaintiff’s attorneys. The site requires users to be at least 14 years old, asking for name, date of birth, e-mail … Continue reading

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Teh Surgery

Because I am lazy, I will again rely on the inimitable Jamison Green for a brief synopsis of the available options:

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Ripping Off Jill

These are some of the things that bother me: 1) Commenters who appeal to one of us after another of us has banned them. This is like running to Mommy after Daddy puts his foot down (or vice versa). I … Continue reading

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But what about the milk?

Screw the polio vaccine! Philippe Meert has just solved the worst humanitarian crisis in history: IN theory at least, pouring a bowl of cereal is one of the simplest tasks imaginable. But early-morning grogginess can wreak havoc on a person’s … Continue reading

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Define “Hardship.”

From Alternet, an article about athletes and pregnancy: Darnellia gave birth to her daughter Trekayla in December 2002. When she tried to return to the team as a senior, she had too few academic credits to play because of missed … Continue reading

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“Hippy Dippy Me”

Kate Bornstein was described in the program for Fresh Meat as an elder. (She said, “If I’m an elder, that means I get to say things like, ‘I’m very proud of my children.’”) The piece she read was called XX: … Continue reading

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Brickbats and Brick Walls

So my post about nubian’s post occasioned a lot of comments to the effect of, “But she was taking responsibility for her ignorance! She was asking nubian for help!” Otto Kerner in that thread: “There is a point at which … Continue reading

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Are there no stupid questions?

A couple of days ago, nubian posted about some drive-by ignorance: white person: i have a question. since you are darker (she grabs my arm to demonstrate that i am darker than her–as if had forgotten that i was black), … Continue reading

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Fanwank for a good cause!

Lauren descended briefly to transmit a message from her sister: Hi, Lauren. I wondered if I could get a plug on feministe for a good cause. These are charity screenings of the movie Serenity, the continuation of Firefly, given … Continue reading

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Gag me with a rice cake.

So Twisty does this thing every once in a while, whenever she’s feeling bored. It goes like this: (1) She posts a scathing (and very witty, don’t get me wrong) high polemical about some practice or another which she (a) … Continue reading

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