Real Simple

Sheelzebub on Voluntary Simplicity: Disconnected individuals making haphazard consumer choices will change nothing. It has changed nothing. If we relied on that during the second wave of feminism, we’d still be seeing Help Wanted: Female in the classifieds. (Since this is an abuse of the link button, I’d appreciate it if you’d go over there […] more

Well, That’s Perhaps Going a Bit Far to Make a Point

Man cuts off own penis to prove faithfulness to wife. Yowch. more

Swords into Plowshares

(Gah–blog rudeness update. I totally stole this link from Blue over at The Gimp Parade. Thanks very much! (And I forgot to link to the essay itself. Sigh.)) So you know that whole political lesbianism thing? As a Dorothy Allison fan who grew into queer maturity with the dystopic archetype of the miserable icy closeted-gay/lovelorn-hetero […] more

Appetite and Accountability

Via Alternet, the guy who wrote that book that I never got around to reading has written another book, about how we eat and why: In the process, Pollan offers some insight into how it now seems reasonable to eat fast food several times a week, or cut out entire food groups while attempting to […] more

Sugarplum Does Her Speedbump Impression

She loves to sit in this spot, which just so happens to be where my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen doors meet. Cat’s got a talent for getting underfoot. Another special talent is waiting until my foot is starting to come down after stepping over her and getting up and darting right under it. more


I’m late to the party, unfortunately. Jenn over at Reappropriate posted this cri di coeur about borrowing and theft: I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the Whites who disguise themselves as culture-seekers-and-appreciaters going to the distant reaches of the Orient to find some aspect of my culture to rape, pillage and reappropriate. I’m sick […] more