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Department of Missing the Point

So I’m reading this story on Yahoo about an abstinence group at Harvard. It pretty much runs the course of most articles of this sort: blahblah students are oversexed, blahblah the university promotes sex, blahblah we formed a group to … Continue reading

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Pricier contraceptives for college women

Well this is fantastic. Prices of oral contraceptives are doubling and tripling on college campuses. While $30-45 might not sound ridiculously expensive — after all, you are preventing pregnancy — that’s a lot of money for a student living on … Continue reading

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Back Up Your Birth Control!

With Emergency Contraception. Feministing has more.

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Emma Goldman speaks to a crowd about birth control in New York City’s Union Square. via. via Feministing, CNN has a good article which clears up 10 myths about the pill. The only one I have a quibble with is … Continue reading

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Because I’m still sick…

Read my article in Alternet today! It’s about the HPV vaccine, and the fact that it’s prohibitively expensive for college students (and not covered by university insurance). I wish I had more space in the article to write about the … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Genetic Testing

Michael Bérubé, full-time Professor of Dangeral Studies and weekend blogger at Pandagon, has both a post and an article (in the Toronto Globe & Mail) about prenatal testing and some of the ethical issues it raises, in particular where the … Continue reading

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…when you’re a woman

Way to go, WaPo: When is $4 million really $2.8 million? One answer is “When you’re a woman,” as the Labor Department has repeatedly found that women earn about 75 cents for every dollar that men earn for the same … Continue reading

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Great, now I can jab rusty nails in my feet!

When choosing between sex and death, conservative religious nuts will choose death every time — so long as it’s women and girls they’re killing. Bill Maher gets on my nerves for a lot of reasons — his blatant sexism, for … Continue reading

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From the Department of Pussy Mutilation

From Chicklet, who always sends me the most disturbing links: many doctors are questioning Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation™, one of the latest plastic-surgery gimmicks that have been created to fill a manufactured “need” for some bizarro standard of perfection. The “need” … Continue reading

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Protect the Children: Hide Your Dictionary

If there are children around, please shield their eyes. If you’re under the age of 18, or value your child-like innocence, or are an adult who thinks that there is a vast empty space below your belly-button and above your … Continue reading

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Because a Mother Who Has One Drink Must Be an Alcoholic

Good Lord. Ann at Feministing has a post about a Today show segment on mothers who get together for cocktails while their kids have playdates: Many of my girlfriends have joked that when they have kids, they’re going to instruct … Continue reading

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Well, how ’bout that. Texas’ governor, Rick “Goodhair” Perry, has bypassed the legislature and issued an executive order requiring all schoolgirls to receive the HPV vaccine. By employing an executive order, Perry sidestepped opposition in the Legislature from conservatives and … Continue reading

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