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When the world seems lousy, remember that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a Dissenting Collar

In an interview for Yahoo News, Katie Couric took a tour of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s closet and checked out her lacy collars, and I’m cool with that. Continue reading

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VLOGGING – Girl Gamers Play Online?

This week’s episode explores why girl gamers don’t seem very common, despite surveys suggesting girls make up half of all gamers. And whilst it’s a coincidence we finished this episode the same month that rape threats against women gamers roared back into public consciousness, we’re all too happy to bring actual facts and arguments to a debate where mainstream gaming’s first instinct is to smear the female-identified as a “bitch, slut and whore”. Now, onto those pesky factsContinue reading

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Open Non-Whovians Can Look Away Now Thread

Designated thread for the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. Opinionate! Continue reading

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In the Guardian this week, I’m writing about I Am Here days, excursions conceived of by my friends Priya and Anand. You get a small group together, pick a neighborhood, and spend 12 full hours exploring — without checking email, texting, tweeting or looking at your phone. The story: Continue reading

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Daily Misconception: Sunflowers.

A daily misconception from Wikipedia’s List of Misconceptions, for discussion or enlightenment. Today: Sunflowers. Continue reading

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Common Misconception: Vomitoriums.

Blame Lori at Feministing for this: She introduced me to Wikipedia’s List of Common Misconceptions, and now I am obsessed. So I’ll be posting one a day, for discussion or enlightenment, until I get bored or just start to forget. Today’s misconception: Vomitoriums in ancient Rome.
Continue reading

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Grover on Marriage

Love knows no color or texture, and marriage is when two people get married. In this clip from a 1983 episode of “Sesame Street,” Grover and a little boy named Jesse define the concept of marriage. I’m not going to give away the ending, but their definition involves kissing, hugging, being friends, helping each other, and being between a mommy and a daddy. Wait, shoot, not that last one. Continue reading

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WAM! Feminist Media Conference + WAM!Prom

Two fantastic women / media / feminism events coming up! Continue reading

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Superbowl Open Thread

I only kinda halfway watched it because being out watching the Superbowl is a Thing You Must Do, but I did pay attention to the halftime show. Beyonce! Wow. Beyonce. You are a superstar for a reason and I love you and want to be you and I am so glad you never wear pants because there is absolutely no reason for you to ever wear pants. 2013 is really her year, huh? Inauguration and the Superbowl? Not bad. I did not watch the commercials, although I saw that Audi one this morning and I agree with Amanda that it is gross. No, kissing someone isn’t rape, but walking up to a virtual stranger and planting a kiss on her because she’s hot and you’re “brave” isn’t really treating her like a person who should have some say in who she wants to kiss. It’s treating her like she’s an accoutrement to your sweet life, like that car. But as Amanda points out, it is forever fascinating that there exist “gross dudes who will die on the hill of claiming that creeping on women and forcing yourself on them is a legitimate form of flirting.” What did you all think? About the game or the commercials or Queen B or the lights going out because Beyonce is just too bright or whatever? Continue reading

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This is Justice Sotomayor speaking earnestly with a muppet.

Sometimes the world makes you want to crack walnuts with your bare hands. And then sometimes Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor earnestly interacts with a bright pink muppet, ultimately inspiring her to a career in law. Continue reading

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A Simple Saturday Post: Leave Me Out of Your “Everyone,” Mr. Apatow.

I just wanted to quickly mention the trailer for the new Judd Apatow movie, “This is 40.” Of course, we all know that Hollywood is guilty of all sorts of offenses all of the time, but it seems rare even … Continue reading

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How Storytelling Saved My Memories

(Trigger warning: shame, drug/alcohol use.) There are so many things in my life that I used to be ashamed of. I have made mistakes bigger than I ever imagined I would or even could, and I have been through unforeseeable … Continue reading

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