Pope Francis to childfree couples: Even your dogs suck

For all of the misogyny inherent to the Catholic church (and evangelical and conservative Christianity in general), newbie Pope Francis has gotten a lot of attention for his (relatively) more progressive views and policies in his year of service. And yet. On Monday, Il Papa celebrated Mass with a group of 15 lengthily married couples to celebrate their marital milestones and deride those selfish, fruitless couples who would rather have pets and vacation homes than kids. more

Hey wanna see some cute animals?

Who could say no to cute animals? (Did you say no to cute animals? You are the worst. Click the link anyway, you won’t be sorry. Seriously just look at them, or just scroll to #1 and DIE because OH MY GOD THOSE EARS). (SeriousFeminism to resume shortly). more

Tell me about your rescue pet

I’m doing some volunteer work for a local animal rescue organization, and one of our projects is a Tumblr documenting stories of rescue pets. If you have (or had) a rescue animal you love, we would very much appreciate submissions. more
Crappy day today

Crappy day today

So here are some pictures of my dog. Enjoy. more