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Sydney Leathers would like to teach you how to sext

This is the worst, most link-baity thing on the internet today, so of course I am biting: Syndney Leathers of Anthony Weiner sexting fame is on xoJane (where else?) teaching you how to sext a politician. Continue reading

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Your Weekly Lachenweinen: College student fights for men’s equality

Here’s something that should make you smile-cry of a Monday morning: Feminism has met its goals and achieved what it set out to do, and we’ve become equal both in education and in the job market. We’re on top, and that’s why men can slack off and make C’s. It’s time, says University of Nebraska senior Zach Nold, for men to jump up on that pedestal next to women as equals. Continue reading

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Courtship is dead; dating has never been better

My latest in the Guardian about those Women Today trend pieces, and how courtship hasn’t existed for several decades but dating is perhaps better than ever. A bit:

Change is always scary, and I am sure plenty of commentators throughout history whined that the warmth of fire wasn’t as satisfying as body heat, the flushing toilet less authentic than the chamber pot, the buggy not nearly as charming as the covered wagon. But alas, things change; humanity moves forward and adjusts. Young college students “pinning” their girlfriends in the 1950s was not exactly a centuries-old tradition. A more authentic marriage proposal – being sold into matrimony by your father, and taking few rights with you – is one that I’m sure most women are happy to leave behind.

Continue reading

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It’s still January, but the New York TImes may have just published the worst piece of 2013

Alex Williams at the Times is concerned. Very. Concerned. Alex is concerned that courtship may be over — young ladies don’t get asked on dates any more, they just receive 5am texts from nightclub bouncers saying, “sup.” Continue reading

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I also kick men in the shins when they try to hold the door for me

Yesterday, I did a HuffPost Live segment on paying and dating — specifically, if you’re on a mixed-gender date, who should pick up the check? Back in the day paying was a dude’s responsibility, but now it’s less clear. So I got to be the crabby feminist talking about who I think should pay, and how to negotiate date payment. And as a response, my mug ended up on the homepage of AOL (awesome) with a caption that could have just as easily read, “Jill Filipovic, leader of the online castrati” (less awesome). You can watch the whole video here, but a basic summary of my points (and a bit of expansion on some of them): Continue reading

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The Matinee Cure: A 1st World Solution to Heartbreak

(I am working on a bigger piece for Feministe, but thought I would post a few of my favorites from my “other” kind of writing in the mean time, which is to warn you that these are creative stories about … Continue reading

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Finances and Relationships

Over at The Hairpin, A Married Dude is advising a woman whose husband is wonderful and great and supportive but refuses to contribute a single cent to her six-figure law school loans. The advice-seeker writes: Continue reading

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On Being “The Other Woman”

More Dear Prudie: Continue reading

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Bad Advice: Should I Tell My Cousin’s Boyfriend That She Was Assigned Male at Birth?

NO. No you should not. No no no no no definitely not. Continue reading

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Hello! Thanks for Having Me.

Hi There! For those who don’t know me already, I’m Anna–or perhaps my nom du tweet, @agoodcuppa. I am a writer (no way, the guest blogger is a writer!), a social justice activist and rabbel rouser, and an unapologetic feminist … Continue reading

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The He-Man Woman-Haters Club

So you’re thinking about looking for love on the internet. Continue reading

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High School Cougars

Shorter New York Times: High-school-age girls who date boys a year or two younger are predatory and suspect. It’s more normal for them to date college-age men, because of course there is nothing at all sketchy about an adult man in college who wants to date a 15-year-old. Continue reading

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