Mark Twain’s Hawaii

Hunh. I never knew that Mark Twain had visited Hawaii, much less wrote about it. This article, a travel piece, offers some excerpts of Twain’s 1866 letters from the Sandwich Islands, at a time when whaling ships visited the islands, where France, Britain and the US were competing for influence, and when Kamehameha V was […] more

Categorizing Race in the Bookstore

Jeff has an interesting post up about how bookstores tend to place any book written by an African-American author in the “African-American interest” section, even if the book has nothing to do with race or identity at all. And remarkably, I actually agree with him on at least one point: books written by blacks that […] more

Oprah Lays it Down

Word. more

This is good news

Turkey has dropped charges against novelist Orhan Pamuk for insulting “Turkishness.” Orhan Pamuk went on trial for telling a Swiss newspaper in February that Turkey is unwilling to deal with two of the most painful episodes in recent Turkish history: the massacre of Armenians during World War I, which Turkey insists was not a planned […] more

Von’s: Thar She Blows

Well, there goes the last great independent bookseller in town. Again. Von’s, a campus staple, was known for its great selection of new and used books, CDs, and craft supplies. Locally owned and reasonably priced, it featured music from the popular to the obscure, and satisifed obscure label whores like me and mine. Recently the […] more

Everyone I’ve Ever Loved

is at Cooper Union tonight. About five steps from where I’ll be studying in the library. I hate my life. If you live in New York, go. If you don’t, or if you’re desperately trying not to fail out of law school, be sad like me, because here’s who you’re missing: Edward Albee, Sandra Cisneros, […] more