How Not To Pick Up Chicks

Approach them on the subway while they’re reading Lolita and announce, “Just call me Humbert.” more

Mark Twain’s Hawaii

Hunh. I never knew that Mark Twain had visited Hawaii, much less wrote about it. This article, a travel piece, offers some excerpts of Twain’s 1866 letters from the Sandwich Islands, at a time when whaling ships visited the islands, where France, Britain and the US were competing for influence, and when Kamehameha V was […] more

Categorizing Race in the Bookstore

Jeff has an interesting post up about how bookstores tend to place any book written by an African-American author in the “African-American interest” section, even if the book has nothing to do with race or identity at all. And remarkably, I actually agree with him on at least one point: books written by blacks that […] more

Oprah Lays it Down

Word. more

This is good news

Turkey has dropped charges against novelist Orhan Pamuk for insulting “Turkishness.” Orhan Pamuk went on trial for telling a Swiss newspaper in February that Turkey is unwilling to deal with two of the most painful episodes in recent Turkish history: the massacre of Armenians during World War I, which Turkey insists was not a planned […] more