Old man haz a sad that he’s not entitled to bang 20-year-olds

Poor Richard Cohen. He watched Skyfall, the new James Bond movie, and it turns out that even though James Bond is middle-aged, he’s ripped and studly when he takes off his shirt. And that is not fair! Old men of yesteryear didn’t have to be in decent shape to score babes half their age; they just had to be smarmy jerks. more

American Pie part 39483

The latest installment of the American Pie movie franchise is hitting theaters. This time around, the characters are in their early 30s; hopefully this will be the last edition, and we won’t have to collectively suffer through nursing home boner jokes. Because as Feministe friend Allison McCarthy points out in the Guardian, the humor has gone from the simply crass and teenage-boy-ish to the straight-up sexist and rapey. more