American Pie part 39483

The latest installment of the American Pie movie franchise is hitting theaters. This time around, the characters are in their early 30s; hopefully this will be the last edition, and we won’t have to collectively suffer through nursing home boner jokes. Because as Feministe friend Allison McCarthy points out in the Guardian, the humor has gone from the simply crass and teenage-boy-ish to the straight-up sexist and rapey. more

Best Films About Female Friendship

Last week I went to a screening of This Is My Life with Feministe friend Nona Willis Aronowitz. It was just lovely, and got me thinking about other films that center female friendship and relationships. My personal favorites: Steel Magnolias; Clueless; Now and Then; Romy and Michelle and Thelma and Louise (duh). But what am I missing? And why do all of these female friendship movies have reputations as mindless chick-flicks, while dude-friend movies are either universally hilarious or Oscar-worthy? Mysterious. more