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Tuesday Jams

The new xx album is streaming on NPR. Check it. Continue reading

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Support Frank Talk about Sex and Intimacy by Supporting Hip Hop is For Lovers

“HH4L is something I believe in. We have the potential — and are building the momentum to — impact the culture at large. Not just Hip Hop culture. I’ve seen myself transformed through this work. I know and believe to my core that we can reach folks with what we do.” Continue reading

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How the Music and Media Presence of TLC Shaped My Womanism (Part 2)

(Read part 1 here.) By the time 1994 and CrazySexyCool came around, I was a freshman in high school. My challenges were different than my middle school years: I was Black and poor on a scholarship to a prestigious independent … Continue reading

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So I Thought This Was Kinda Cool

Not sure if anyone here is familiar with The Good Lovelies, but they are a three piece ensemble out of Port Hope, Ontario who are generally categorized as “roots” music – they have a real throw-back, Andrews Sisters three-part harmony … Continue reading

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Thank You Hater

So perfect, every day: Continue reading

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Kuttin Kandi: Hiphop, Heart Disease, Fatphobia, and Truth-Telling

I’m sorry to say I never heard of Kuttin Kandi (also known as Candice Custodio-Tan) before I read this article, clearly because I’ve been hiding under a rock. Continue reading

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Very saddened to hear the news that Beastie Boy Adam Yauch passed away from cancer today. The Beasties are one of my all-time favorite acts, and MCA seemed like a good dude. For all the misogyny of their early tunes, the Beastie Boys — and Adam Yauch — grew into feminist-minded social justice advocates. Yauch particularly focused on Tibetan freedom, organizing concerts, awareness-raising and co-founding the Milarepa Fund. Rest in peace, MCA. Continue reading

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Hip Hop Is For Lovers

This is a guest post by Lauren Bruce, former Feministe blogger and music superfan.

Hip Hop is For Lovers is a multimedia web experience dedicated to looking at love, sex and intimacy through the lens of hip hop culture. Its centerpiece is a weekly woman-centered, queer-friendly and justice-heavy podcast that features discussions about a variety of relationship topics punctuated with the best in rap. After months as a listener, I had the privilege of talking with podcast co-hosts Uche and Lenée about the making of the show, the tentative relationship between hip hop culture and mainstream feminism, and what we should be listening to next. After the interview, tune in live on Wednesday nights from 8-10 EST to hear Uche and Lenée in action. Continue reading

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American Skin

Wow Bruce. That actually made me tear up. Lyrics below the fold.
Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we’re occupying it, but I can admit that I do love Valentine’s Day. Not the commercialized romance part, but a whole day dedicated to celebrating love? And watching cute couples all out together looking happy? It’s very sweet. And I’m going to spend this evening watching Bebel Gilberto and drinking champagne and whiskey, so I’m good. Continue reading

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Chris Brown won’t let us forget: Domestic violence is okay if you’re hot

Trigger warning for domestic violence

Sasha Pasulka of HelloGiggles said it best: “I’m not okay with Chris Brown performing at the Grammys and I’m not sure why you are.” She points out that the popular response to Chris Brown’s beating of Rihanna was beyond disappointing, with fans and celebrities alike falling back on “No one knows exactly what happened” and “It takes two to tango” and “He’s such a great guy; he never would have done something like that unprovoked.” Jump forward three years, he was invited to perform at the Grammys (because the music industry appears to be okay with it). Because, says Grammys producer Ken Erlich, people deserve a second chance. And he hasn’t performed at the Grammys for two whole years now. And “we were the victim of what happened.”

But that was last night. That was Hollywood’s reaction. This morning, it’s the fans’ reaction, which appears to be: Chris Brown is so hot, it would be okay if he beat me.

It would be awesome if he beat me.

Examples hidden behind the jump, because seriously, triggering. I just can’t. Continue reading

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Goodbye, Etta James

Etta James has passed away at 73. Continue reading

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