Very saddened to hear the news that Beastie Boy Adam Yauch passed away from cancer today. The Beasties are one of my all-time favorite acts, and MCA seemed like a good dude. For all the misogyny of their early tunes, the Beastie Boys — and Adam Yauch — grew into feminist-minded social justice advocates. Yauch particularly focused on Tibetan freedom, organizing concerts, awareness-raising and co-founding the Milarepa Fund. Rest in peace, MCA. more

American Skin

Wow Bruce. That actually made me tear up. Lyrics below the fold. more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we’re occupying it, but I can admit that I do love Valentine’s Day. Not the commercialized romance part, but a whole day dedicated to celebrating love? And watching cute couples all out together looking happy? It’s very sweet. And I’m going to spend this evening watching Bebel Gilberto and drinking champagne and whiskey, so I’m good. more

Against Coldplay

What SFJ said. Seven out of ten times, Coldplay sound almost exactly like U2—the U2 that exists now, not the wiry, feral U2 of 1980 (which would be a decent idea). U2 have not broken up. This is inefficient. Coldplay should consider copying Big Star or The Monkees. Yes. I don’t hate Coldplay with the […] more