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Yes, but still: Dude plants a flag and claims a kingdom in Africa

Yes, in the grand scheme of things, there are things of more urgent concern than one imperialist guy and his princess-obsessed daughter. But still, we have yet another entry into the saga of White Guy Plants a Flag in Africa … Continue reading

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Pope Francis to childfree couples: Even your dogs suck

For all of the misogyny inherent to the Catholic church (and evangelical and conservative Christianity in general), newbie Pope Francis has gotten a lot of attention for his (relatively) more progressive views and policies in his year of service. And yet. On Monday, Il Papa celebrated Mass with a group of 15 lengthily married couples to celebrate their marital milestones and deride those selfish, fruitless couples who would rather have pets and vacation homes than kids. Continue reading

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More Emphatically Pro-Choice with Every Pregnancy

Guest Blogger: Molly Westerman

It’s interesting to me to hear how individuals’ gut feelings and beliefs about reproductive justice–and specifically about abortion and fetuses–are affected by personal experiences of pregnancy. Continue reading

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Punishing kids for cross-gender play is abusive, not “tough”

It’s my dream: I got to write about a Dear Prudence column in the Guardian. This week it’s about a mom who wrote in to Prudence concerned that her husband freaks out when their son wears mom’s ballet flats, and expands into the way we gender our kids from birth: Continue reading

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Today in bad advice

This week in Slate’s Dear Prudence: A woman who works full-time while her husband does not, yet is still charged with doing half of the domestic work: Continue reading

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What do you do when your childhood bully friends you on Facebook?

Feministe friend Eve Sturges’s latest in Rookie is a wonderful look at the trauma childhood bullies inflict, the strength that comes from being an adult who finally stands up for that kid who suffered, and the realization that most kids evolve and grow and change — even the ones who act terribly toward us. Read it, read it, read it. Continue reading

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You can’t have it all…but who cares?

“Wow, it really is amazing,” a celebrated Russian playwright once slurred to me in the middle of an after party following a movie premiere. “You, like, go out and stuff. Wearing dresses. And have wine. And you write things. And … Continue reading

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The Freedom to Abuse Kids

This week at the Guardian I’m writing about the gay conversion therapy ban passed in New Jersey, and how religious freedom is too often used as an argument for abusing kids — at the expense of children’s own equal protection under the law.
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The Consequences of “Opting Out”

It’s nice to say that working or not working is simply a matter of personal choice, but in reality it’s a highly gendered one — and one that puts women at a disadvantage when it comes to stability, equality and independence. Continue reading

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The online face of grief

Last week, NPR’s Scott Simon’s mother passed away, and Scott tweeted from her hospital bed. It sounds awful, but it was weirdly touching. I’m writing in Salon about public grieving and how we use social media during tragedy. A bit:
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Kate Middleton and Moms Who Aren’t Princesses

With much of England and half the U.S. on Kate Middleton Baby-Watch this week, I’m writing about motherhood in the Guardian. It’s great (and normal) that we’re all excited about a new (and royal!) baby. Babies are really cute, and all of them should enter the world into the arms of folks who are excited to welcome them. But our celebrity pregnancy obsession, coupled with our unrealistic and condescending view of motherhood (it’s THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WOOOOORLD!) make real political change difficult, and keep parents (mostly mothers) unsupported. A bit:
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How My Miscarriage Made Me More Pro-Choice

In August of 2008, I became pregnant with what I thought would be my second child. A few weeks later, I lay on a table in a darkened room in my OB-GYN’s office while a sympathetic ultrasound technician shook her head sadly and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t find a heartbeat.” A few hours after that, I was in an operating room having a D&C, having chosen, on the very good advice of my doctor, to get it over with sooner rather than later. A few months later I peed on a stick and saw two pink lines, and my miscarriage was largely forgotten.
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