Radical Brownies

It can seem like right-wingers in the US are spoiled for choice when it comes to youth- and family-groups, and that those of us on the left can have a harder time connecting with others who have shared values. How can we free radicals find extra-curricular activities and groups for our kids that will help […]

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Whitney Plantation: Memorial to those who were Enslaved

Content note: slavery, racism When I saw a news story about the Whitney Plantation, I was reminded of the conversation we had here about Ani DiFranco’s obnoxious and ill-conceived idea to have a retreat at a plantation, about how, if at all, a plantation could be used as a proper memorial to the black slaves […]

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Quick News Hit to File Under: You have got to be fucking kidding me

Content note: the Holocaust; anti-immigrant sentiment So, apparently some German authorities have had a brilliant idea!  What to do with all these asylum seekers?  Where can we house them?  What to do, what to do… Oh, hey, look, we have these empty barracks over here?  They haven’t been used since 1945!  (Do you have a […]

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