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How to Write About Africa

This piece, and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ take on it, are interesting when read in tandem with this New Yorker article about an American couple set on saving elephants in Africa (sometimes at the expense of human life and well-being).

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Arizona Set to Pass Anti-Immigrant Legislation

In Arizona, the legislature looks set to pass a truly terrifying anti-immigration bill that would, among other thing, allow police to arrest undocumented immigrants on the charge of trespassing simply for being in the state: The Arizona Legislature gave preliminary … Continue reading

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Fighting Ableism Fights Sexual Assault

This guest post is a part of the Feministe series on Sexual Assault Awareness Month. abby jean writes for FWD/Forward and at her tumblr, think on this. Trigger Warning Women with disabilities are more than twice as likely to be … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Introduction to a Guest Series

As many of you already know, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. All over, people will be holding awareness raising events, engaging in activism, telling stories about their own experiences with sexual violence, and wearing turquoise ribbons. But a common … Continue reading

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Thinking Critically About the Pill

This interview with Laura Eldridge over at Bitch is worth a read. Eldridge is a feminist writer, and has been an outspoken opponent of hormonal birth control. There’s a lot she says that I disagree with, but I think this … Continue reading

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Genocide and thousands of years of persecution vs. an unflattering New York Times article: Kind of the same!

So says the Catholic Church, anyway. And not some random running-his-mouth-off priest, or the ever-ridiculous Bill Donohue. No, this is a senior priest, at a Vatican Good Friday service, who claims that the current “attacks” on the Church — attacks … Continue reading

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Wear a “revealing” prom dress, get paddled

Not even kidding. Nothing below the breastbone, nor six inches above the knee. Violate that precept at senior prom in Oxford, Alabama, as about 25 students did this year, and your choice is suspension or paddling. Here are the prom … Continue reading

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Beard Lady Special Announcement

Two of my favorite things in one place: Beards and cupcakes. You’re welcome, again.

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Transgender Day of Visibility

Today’s International Transgender Day of Visibility. Started last year as a movement on Facebook, the goal of today is to increase visibility and celebrate transgender identity: “I went on Facebook and I was thinking… whenever I hear about our community, … Continue reading

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Happy César Chávez Day

For those who don’t know, today is César Chávez Day. Chávez was a migrant worker from a young age and co-founded the National Farm Workers Association with the ever-awesome Dolores Huerta. (The NFWA would later merge with the Agricultural Workers … Continue reading

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Your definition of “anti-sex” is not like mine.

See, I define “anti-sex” as you think sex is bad. Or that sex should be kind of like a punishment (or that you should be punished for having it). Or that you don’t think sex should be enjoyable. And I … Continue reading

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David Brooks has a question.

He would like to know if you would rather win an Oscar and be stuck with a cheating husband, or have zero personal or professional accomplishments but have a really happy marriage. If you take more than three seconds to … Continue reading

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