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Right-wing cartoon depicts Obama raping the Statue of Liberty

I’m wondering the same thing as Amanda: Why are anti-healthcare conservatives so obsessed with rape metaphors? And this is not new. Conservatives routinely accuse progressives of “raping” America, or they use language that hints at rape to describe political processes … Continue reading

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Dating While Feminist

Oh I relate to this interview with Jaclyn Friedman so, so much. She talks about the difficulties of dating while feminist, and how hard it can be to negoatiate your beliefs with your lovelife. I mostly date dudes, and let … Continue reading

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Iceland bans strip clubs

While I like the idea of sending the message that women’s bodies aren’t for sale, I’m not sure this is the greatest way to do it. It seems less immediately problematic than outlawing paying for sex, primarily because prostitution bans … Continue reading

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Predator Theory

Though the stranger rape remains entrenched as the paradigm of “real” rape, of rape that is recognized as such, it is not actually the norm. As most readers of feminist blogs know, acquaintance rapes are by far the more prevalent. In this area, understanding badly lags, and relatively recent research could change the understanding of exactly how acquaintance rapes happen, who commits them, and why. It is for this reason that I have been doing everything I can to popularize the work of University of Massachusetts professor David Lisak, and similar work by some of his colleagues.

Though the term is mine and not Lisak’s, the substance of the research can be summarized by the title of this post. Predator Theory is the theory that acquaintance rape as we know it is overwhelmingly caused by a relatively narrow portion of recidivist undetected rapists in the population, each of whom will have several victims, and that these rapists select targets based on the likelihood that they can rape without meaningful consequence, and favor alcohol and avoid overt force as tools to defeat resistance for just this reason. Continue reading

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Anti-Choice Dems Receive Death Threats From Pro-Lifers

Oh the irony. This isn’t surprising, given the far-right’s habit of threatening and sometimes carrying out violence against those they disagree with; it is particularly predictable given the anti-choice movement’s reliance on violence and intimidation. This is what radicals in … Continue reading

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“None of this is about healthcare at all. It’s about extending a basic fundamental right to people who are less powerful.”

So says House Majority Whip James Clyburn about the rancor, anger and general unhinged-ness coming from the GOP and Tea Party protestors. And he’s right. So is Bob Herbert, in this must-read column.* Herbert details the Tea Partiers taunting a … Continue reading

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Back Up Your Birth Control 2010

It’s Back Up Your Birth Control Day! Last year, I posted a general “here’s what emergency contraception is and how it works” because an unofficial poll of my friends shocked me – many of them didn’t know what EC even … Continue reading

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Amazing Women: Joanie Warner and Abby Mahler

This blog post about mother and daughter Joanie and Abby warmed my heart, and could not have been written about two more lovely, inspiring women. Joanie has been battling cancer for more than a decade, and her daughter Abby has … Continue reading

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The White House’s Anti-Choice Party

Will be happening today as Obama signs his executive order limiting abortion rights under health care reform. Attendees include Bart Stupak and his bloc of 12 anti-choice Democrats. The event will be closed to the news media, I suspect because … Continue reading

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Aware of what exactly?

Cross-posted at Zero at the Bone and FWD/Forward. Well, it’s Disability Awareness Month in Indiana, USA. Sound Bend, IN, network WSBT are raising awareness with a story about Sarah Schelstraete, who has Down Syndrome. It’s called Sarah’s Story: Hard at … Continue reading

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I Should Stop Reading News Sites…

Today, I had some time to read the news and got so excited, because I’m a nerd like that. Sadly, the first three articles I read annoyed me so much that not only did I stop reading, but I also … Continue reading

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“It is time to chill out, Republicans.” –Representative Bob Filner, Democrat of California. “This is a big fucking deal.” –Vice President Joe Biden How are you all feeling about healthcare reform? So far, the Radical Socialist Revolution has had very … Continue reading

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