Aware of what exactly?

Cross-posted at Zero at the Bone and FWD/Forward. Well, it’s Disability Awareness Month in Indiana, USA. Sound Bend, IN, network WSBT are raising awareness with a story about Sarah Schelstraete, who has Down Syndrome. It’s called Sarah’s Story: Hard at work despite disabilities. One thousand points if you can anticipate from the title what my […]

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Honoring WASPs: Women Airforce Service Pilots

I was doing my nightly read-through of news sites (a practice I haven’t actually done regularly in the past several months. whoops.), when I found this cool slide show of Women Airforce Service Pilots Through the Years. It’s a slide show so it doesn’t exactly have a wealth of information, but I thought it was […]

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Speaking of Latinos…

In DR there’s this thing we do that I always find hard to explain to people who don’t do it because their reaction is basically “huhwha?” When you’re saying hi to somebody close to you who is older than you and/or is in some position of power/respect, you ask for their blessing. Like, that’s how […]

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