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Chris Matthews Racism Watch

Like I’m sure you did, as it became more and more likely that Obama would be the Democratic nominee, I started to worry about Chris Matthews. After all, the man makes his living from misogyny. More specifically, I’m pretty convinced … Continue reading

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Xenophobic Nutbag Politicians: Not Just in America!

Yes, they’re in Italy too (and a whole lot of Europe). That victory last month, which included the election of Rome’s first right-wing mayor since World War II and the stiffest rejection ever of communists, was part of a significant … Continue reading

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The Sorrows of Race and Gender in the 2008 Election

Just read it. Jensen is spot-on. A taste: My sorrow comes from the recognition that the radical analyses of the feminist and civil-rights movements — the core insights of those movements that made it possible when I was young to … Continue reading

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Too Poor to Parent

Low-income women — and black women in particular — have their children taken away far more often than white women. Black children are twice as likely as white children to enter foster care. The reason for this disparity? Study after … Continue reading

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Is Barack Obama Muslim?!

OMG is he?!?!* Here’s a better question: Who cares? *Although I have to admit, that’s funny.

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The (Lack of) Medical Treatment Received by ICE Detainees

Last week, Miss Sarajevo left a comment with a link to this series of articles in The Washington Post, and I’m just finally getting around to writing about it. The series, “Careless Detention,” is about the terrifying, unethical and downright … Continue reading

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Justice for Regina McKnight

Regina McKnight at her post conviction hearing Great news: Regina McKnight, a South Carolina woman who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for homicide by child abuse after she gave birth to a still-born baby, has had her conviction … Continue reading

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When Good People Do Nothing

VERY STRONG TRIGGER WARNING The story of Romona Moore’s murder is horrific, not only because of the terrifying brutality involved, but because of the terrifying apathy that allowed it to occur. Moore is dead because she and those who tried … Continue reading

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Fountain of Smart

Sudy says: The question is not what makes the issue feminist, but has a feminist perspective been applied to the issue? Thinking cap? Check. Reading this is highly recommended. Note: comments off. Go there.

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I Blame the Kyriarchy

Happy May Day. As people around the world celebrate the struggles of laborers, and as many immigrants and supporters of immigrant rights set off on protest marches around this country, I wanted to link you to one of my favorite … Continue reading

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About Erasing …

It has not exactly gone unreported that the casting of 21 is racist. (One widely linked critique is here. I found another here but I feel like there must be a whole body of WOC coverage of this story that … Continue reading

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In Trying To Show How Silly Anti-Racist Liberals Are, Racists Assholes Again Prove Themselves To Be Racist Assholes

Jeff Goldstein may have outdone himself with this one. He describes black men assaulting and gang-banging a hot white chick in order to get everyone riled up about how stupid feminists who discuss “white privilege” are — as in, stupid … Continue reading

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