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Alert the fundies: Absolute must-read.

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Blurring the Church-State Divide

A disturbing story from my hometown. Antioch Bible Church, the notoriously anti-gay institution on Seattle’s Eastside (famous for their Mayday for Marriage rally last year, and for lobbying Microsoft to not support an antidiscrimination bill), uses Lake Washington High School … Continue reading

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Anti-Semitism, Columbus, and nip/tucks: A Mini Round-Up

Dennis Prager on why Jews should abandon secularism and join forces with the Christian right: because universities are bad and criticising Israel is on par with anti-Semitism. Prager’s point, more specifically, is that anti-Zionism is the equivalent of anti-Semitism, and … Continue reading

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Stopping Short of a Gay Ban

The Vatican is in the midst of drafting a document on gay clergy: if there is proof of chaste life for at least three years, gay men may be eligible. What determiner are they going to use? A sniff test? … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Faith

You know those folks who like to blame all the ills in the world on feminism, contraception, religious tolerance and liberalism? Well, they’d be wrong. Paul ranked societies based on the percentage of their population expressing absolute belief in God, … Continue reading

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God Hates Sweden

No, seriously. And the tsumani destroyed them. Link found via In the Dark, which offers a nice summary of the right wing.

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At the Vatican, Exceptions Make the Rule

An interesting take on the Vatican through the lens of Italian law. Although this is a difficult point for many Anglo-Saxons to grasp, when the Vatican makes statements like “no gays in the priesthood,” it doesn’t actually mean “no gays … Continue reading

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Praise the Lord!

Well, folks, I’ve had a change of heart. Forget all that nonsense about not imposing my religious beliefs on others. Let’s just say it all together: Praise the Lord NOW!

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Stark Raving Atheist

Looks like someone’s got a little crush on the Feministe ladies. And, apparently, we (or at least I) are/am tools of the religious right (who knew?), intent on making gays and lesbians hate themselves by way of discovering Jesus. You … Continue reading

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Scopes Monkey Trials, part deux

Why are we still debating this? Listen up, wingnuts: Science class is for teaching science, not religion. Not “we don’t know, so God must have done it.” Not “evolution is only a theory” (gravity is also only a theory, but … Continue reading

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Rockin’ With the Lord

Hugo thinks Christian music is seen as inherently uncool in the secular world. What he doesn’t know is that all the kool kids listen to Christian music, even a godless, atheist heathen like me. One of my not-so secret secrets … Continue reading

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Gay Men (and others) Respond to Vatican Decision

As I wrote a few days ago, gay men are likely going to be “weeded out” of the priesthood. Now, the New York Times has their reactions. It’s telling (and logical) that none of the gay semarians interviewed for this … Continue reading

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