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Sex, Lies and Feminism

The Rachel Kramer Bussel column-drama just won’t die, will it? Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Village Voice piece about kinky, slutty sex is stirring ire in the feminist blogosphere. I agree with Pandagon that what women need sexually is a complete range … Continue reading

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Depressing Sex-Ed News

I wrote a little bit about the Healthy Teens Act, a measure working its way through the New York legislature with wide support, back in June. Healthy Teens was meant to provide a stream of revenue for comprehensive, medically accurate … Continue reading

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On Disclosure

It’s sex day at Feministe! I wanted to clarify my earlier comments on the “numbers talk” a bit, and flesh out some ideas/questions that came up in comments. First, the clarification: when I’m talking about a “numbers talk,” I’m talking … Continue reading

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Female Sex Tourism

A new movie about older women, sexual desire and sex tourism is making some waves. While teenagers bought popcorn by the ton on their way into “Pirates of the Caribbean’’ last week, and fashion addicts clawed into “The Devil Wears … Continue reading

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The Numbers Game

Maureen Dowd’s column Saturday riffed off “The Taming of the Slut,” which Jill wrote about here. For centuries, men divided women into good girls and bad girls. The madonna-whore bifurcation is imbedded in American culture, from Betty/Veronica to Mary Ann/Ginger … Continue reading

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Terrible Genius

A new product has David Segal of the Washington Post a little nervous. It’s chocolate that is specially formulated to help women alleviate the symptoms of PMS. Would you like a moment to process that? It’s a hunk of chocolate, … Continue reading

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The Taming of the Slur

The New York Times takes a good look at the American slut. And even though it always sounds hokey when adults attempt quote teenagers and explain teenage behavior, I actually like the article, for the most part. They start out … Continue reading

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“A Petri Dish of Capitalism”

That expensive blouse you’re wearing? It may have been sewn by a Filipina garment worker laboring in a factory owned by a Hong Kong mogul on a western Pacific island. The Northern Mariana Islands, a territory of the United States, … Continue reading

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I’ve told you all about how my parents’ greatest fear is that I’ll never find love again, right? That and the whole getting killed thing?

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

First, friend, the abortion rate is not the same as the unintended pregnancy rate. Second, you’re wrong about the abortion rate, too. But don’t let facts get in the way of your crusade against sex education.

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Charlotte Allen Would Rather Her Daughters (and Yours) Have Cancer Than Sex.

Amanda calls her a “moral monster,” and I couldn’t agree more. Now, here’s the latest from an immunization panel affiliated with the National Centers for Disease Control: force every single little girl, female teenager, and young woman in the country … Continue reading

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Sorry if your comments were stuck in moderation. We’ve been getting a great deal of porn-o-rific spam here lately. Fortunately, it’s all from the same ISP, so I think we’ve been able to resolve it. Pretty damn disturbing glimpse into … Continue reading

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