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More hashtag envy: “Meninists” complain that everything isn’t about them #LikeAMeninist

Always, the company that sells menstrual products, ran a minute-long Super Bowl spot trimmed down from their longer #LikeAGirl video released this summer. The ad challenges the stereotype that running, throwing, and fighting “like a girl” indicates weakness and ineptitude by running the expression by adults (and one young boy), and then by a series of girls who haven’t yet been told that “like a girl” is usually meant as a bad thing. And then it took about ten minutes for the meninists to start protesting the “inequality” that there wasn’t another commercial for #LikeABoy.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Continue reading

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Why Janay Rice stayed

[Trigger warning for domestic violence]

Short answer: We don’t know, and it’s not for us to know or judge. Continue reading

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Ray Rice dropped and suspended now that the NFL can no longer ignore the truth

[Trigger warning for domestic abuse]

In February of this year, leaked video showed what appeared to be the aftermath of Baltimore Raven Ray Rice assaulting his then fiancee Janay Palmer in a casino elevator. He was given a two-game suspension. Now that another leaked video shows him actually throwing the punches, he has been released from the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Because up until then, of course, there was no way of really knowing what had happened. Continue reading

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The Jameis Winston rape case was criminally mishandled, and it will always matter.

Last week, the New York Times provided a breakdown of a breakdown — an accounting of the investigative errors that turned rape allegations against FSU quarterback Jameis Winston into a non-event.

I’ll give you a minute to try and contain your shock. Continue reading

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Just stop saying the team’s name

Washington, D.C. has an NFL team with a racist name. The team refuses to change the racist name. In response, the mayor of D.C. goes out of his way to avoid using the team’s name, and so do many media outlets — most recently, Slate. Good on them. Continue reading

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Good Hit, Bad Hit: Abuse of Girls in Sports

I might not remember what it felt like learning that I had passed my black belt test, but I do remember the first time my instructor asked me whether I had the ‘hots’ for another student.

I told him I didn’t want to discuss it. So he put me in a headlock so that I couldn’t breathe and told me that good Tae Kwon Do students always do what “teacher” says. When he released me, I said, “Yes, sir.”

I was twelve years old.

I was a good student.


My story is rarely told but depressingly common. Studies of female athletes indicate appallingly high rates of bullying, sexual harassment, and physical, sexual, and psychological abuse at the hands of (usually male) coaches. The problem starts in local pick-up leagues and reaches its grimy hands into elite international competition. Some studies even suggest that the higher one climbs in the sports world, the worse the problems get. Continue reading

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Serena Williams and blaming rape victims

Earlier this week, Serena Williams made some seriously victim-blamey statements about the Steubenville Jane Doe. She apologized, but the apology wasn’t exactly spot-on. I wrote about it in my Guardian column this week, arguing that Williams’ comments were beyond the pale, but they’re part of a bigger cultural problem. The full piece is here; a snippet is below the fold. Continue reading

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This is so the worst thing that you will read all day #steubenville

[Content note: rape culture, victim-blaming, slut-shaming]

Share your rage in the comments. Continue reading

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Superbowl Open Thread

I only kinda halfway watched it because being out watching the Superbowl is a Thing You Must Do, but I did pay attention to the halftime show. Beyonce! Wow. Beyonce. You are a superstar for a reason and I love you and want to be you and I am so glad you never wear pants because there is absolutely no reason for you to ever wear pants. 2013 is really her year, huh? Inauguration and the Superbowl? Not bad. I did not watch the commercials, although I saw that Audi one this morning and I agree with Amanda that it is gross. No, kissing someone isn’t rape, but walking up to a virtual stranger and planting a kiss on her because she’s hot and you’re “brave” isn’t really treating her like a person who should have some say in who she wants to kiss. It’s treating her like she’s an accoutrement to your sweet life, like that car. But as Amanda points out, it is forever fascinating that there exist “gross dudes who will die on the hill of claiming that creeping on women and forcing yourself on them is a legitimate form of flirting.” What did you all think? About the game or the commercials or Queen B or the lights going out because Beyonce is just too bright or whatever? Continue reading

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If you only read one thing about the Kasandra Perkins murder

Make it this at What About Our Daughters. Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and then himself; she did not bring that on herself by going to a concert. She was not, as published in Deadspin, a “catalyst” to her own death (also, it’s apparently now totally cool and responsible to publish anonymous, unsubstantiated hit pieces on murder victims penned by the murder’s friends. Because “context,” or something). Continue reading

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Florida high school varsity quarterback throws like a girl

South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida, has the state’s only varsity quarterback who also quarterbacks the girls’ flag-football team and is a star point guard on the girls’ basketball team. Continue reading

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Quick things

I am writing a rather complicated post at the moment for Feministe, so in the meantime.. Quick things to look at – some pretty, pretty pictures in “Yes These Bones Shall Live” over at the International Museum of Women, which … Continue reading

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