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Tampons for the Sporty Set

The latest Playtex commercial is aimed at female athletes. Check it out: The Slate article about this ad points out that this is a step beyond fear-based tampon ads, which centered around the horrors of using a faulty tampon while … Continue reading

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Basketball Grannies

I read this story with interest: Playing basketball isn’t ladylike. That’s what Jewell Chapman’s high school principal told her in 1961 when he banned the girls basketball program. “We were very frustrated,” said Chapman, a forward for her high school … Continue reading

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What The –?

Well, here’s one of those odd stories that are a little more complicated than one would expect at first blush: a man in Wappingers Falls, N.Y*. was kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym … for grunting. Albert Argibay, a … Continue reading

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Scoring by any other name

Pushing marriage as a way to encourage stability isn’t just for President Bush anymore. Apparently, it’s also for soccer coaches. “Bulgarian soccer club Litex Lovech wants its talented striker, Ivelin Popov, to curb his wild off-field living.” So what’s their … Continue reading

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Fighting Is Not a Metaphor: Women’s Boxing

Way back when Lubu was a cub, I use’ta look forward to Wide World of Sports: The thrill of victory!……the agony of defeat!……. My dad would pour me a small glass of beer, saying “Here kid, this’ll put hair on … Continue reading

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Not content to beat up women for free, now he wants to do it for charity.

Raging Red sent along this tale that belongs in the annals of Really Bad Ideas: Mike Tyson wants to beat up women for charity. But the 40-year-old former heavyweight champ promised an entertaining show Friday night when he launches the … Continue reading

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Concerned Women for College Sports

Tbogg, father of the lovely and talented soccer-playing Casey, has a post up about a new group with the innocuous-sounding name of the College Sports Council. Not surprisingly, if you scratch the surface, you find anti-Title IX groups looking to … Continue reading

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Should Male Athletes Get Pregnancy Leave?

USA Today has a story about a male college athlete who’s challenging the NCAA’s eligibility rules that allow female athletes a one-year extension of eligibility for pregnancy. The NCAA’s pregnancy exception states a school “may approve a one-year extension of … Continue reading

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Higher Standards, Once Again.

Michelle Wie is all of 16 years old. She’s a pro golfer, and she’s been trying for a year or so — since she was 15 — to qualify for a number of professional men’s tournaments. She just failed to … Continue reading

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In Praise of Sensible Shoes

I’ve known for a long time that my biomechanics below the waist were, to put it delicately, fucked.

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Someone’s Been Watching Too Much Footballers Wive$

Sigh. There really is nothing that can’t be blamed on women, is there? From CNN/SI: Wacky World Cup note: The soccer might be over, but not the strange goings-on. Monday brought reports that England’s Football Association might ban wives and … Continue reading

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World Cup 2006: ITALIA! Plus, what was Zidane thinking?? That is all.

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