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Quick hit: Misty Copeland has been named principal dancer at ABT

Ballerina Misty Copeland (she who was too old and had the wrong feet, legs, turnout, torso, and bust to even start training as a ballet dancer at age 13) has been named a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre — the first African-American woman to rise to that position in the company’s nearly 80-year history. Continue reading

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Today in the No Shit, Sherlock Files

Shorter Pogo: I said some awful things, and now my Twitter is full of people are telling me they were awful, and I may have just alienated my core fanbase. So NOT FAIR, because it was all just an experiment anyway, you bratty feminist hyenas! Continue reading

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Today in Bookmark This: Sexism in Comics

io9 | 10 Stupid Arguments People Use To Defend Comic Book Sexism Continue reading

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David Choe totally hates rapists, is only guilty of bad storytelling

[Strong, strong trigger warning for rape]

In the March 10 episode of his podcast, David Choe recounted in lurid and self-satisfied detail his activities of the night before, in which he raped his masseuse at a massage parlor. On Friday, shortly after the story came out on Gawker and xojane, he insisted on his blog that he was totally joking, that he hates rapists, that his art is controversial, and that all he’s guilty of is bad storytelling. Call me a humorless feminist, but I’m not laughing. Continue reading

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“Strength” of Character: How the Silver Screen Perpetuates Gender Stereotypes

What do we mean when we define a female character as “strong”? When an actress is the protagonist, her conflict is decidedly different than the average male protagonist’s: In literary terms, we often see the female protagonist engaged in a “man vs. self” struggle, while male protagonists wrestle with outside forces. The point is not at all that any one iteration of female “strength” is more admirable – more worthy of depiction on-screen – than another, but rather than our female characters consistently demonstrate one kind of strength while our male characters demonstrate another. Furthermore, when our female characters demonstrate stereotypically “male” strength, they do not win the awards.

These complications of storytelling are all exacerbated by Hollywood demographics : Continue reading

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Toasted Marshmallows

Feministe friend Anoushka Ratnarajah and her friend Marcelitte Failla are working on a project called Toasted Marshmallows, “a film, performance and community building project chronicling two mixed-race women’s attempt at uncovering the cultures we were separated from.” A bit more:
Continue reading

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The Shell Game: An Art Show by Molly Crabapple

In (or near by) New York City? Want to see some amazing art by an incredibly talented woman? Consider the Shell Game by Molly Crabapple: Continue reading

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“A Mere Male”: Mansplaining Women’s Art

Consider the status of women in the art world: often considered the “muse,” rarely the artist; lauded as the pinnacle of beauty but having no worth otherwise: the Venus forever looking in her mirror, the object of the (male) gaze, not the subject of her own agency. Should a gallery or museum try to strive for the inclusion of women artists (and artists of color, queer artists, and so on), there may be criticism of ignoring the masters, so-called “female privilege,” and the desire for a gender-blind meritocracy that simply does not exist at present. If you were wondering what such an article might look like, look no further than C.B. Liddell’s “The diverse works of Asian women artists,” a special to The Japan Times. Continue reading

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“Racism Still Exists”: The Power of Art

I frequently hear people say that art has no political power, that it is merely aesthetics and/or money. Many countries repress the power of art by punishing the artists. Here the dominant culture disparages art’s power and commoditize it and among other things turn it into a speculative consumer product. Nevertheless, art in our country can be politically powerful and these posters tell it all. Continue reading

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A lovely read

This interview with Maurice Sendak is just wonderful, and you should read it. Continue reading

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Photographs in International Feminist Exhibition in Korea

I’m really excited that three of my photographs are in exhibitions in Korea that opened on the 13th of October. They selected the three photos I submitted – photographs of Kellen McCracken and Jerry McCracken (before and after transition) from Women En Large and Familiar Men, and my photograph of a trans woman.

Nudity below the fold. Continue reading

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Feministe friends Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara are working on a great project and they could use your help. Continue reading

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