Thanks, y’all.

Today marks my first anniversary as a Feministe blogger. I like it a lot. It’s cool. more
This is just a very cute picture of a dog.

This is just a very cute picture of a dog.

I am dog-sitting him for the day, and man is he cute. Even in these torrential Brooklyn winds. His name is Fletcher, and according to his lovely human companion Amber, he is a pro-choice party dog. more

On loving, and losing, little creatures

This weekend, I put my cat to sleep. It was not expected, and I’m pretty heartbroken. I also feel silly. There are larger and more important tragedies every day. We had three great years together, and for that I should be grateful. I know I gave him a really good life. He was just a […] more

Advice for someone whose “friend” is groping them and making sexual comments

I have a guest post at Captain Awkward today (are you reading Captain Awkward? You should definitely be reading Captain Awkward) giving advice to a reader who has a totally inappropriate, grabby dude in her friend circle. And yes it was so so so tempting to just be like, “kick him in the balls, what […] more