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Feministe is not usually a Social Justice 101 space, but some of our posts do explicitly address 101 issues, and thus welcome 101-level questions from the curious. If you have 101-level questions to ask about assertions made in a non-101 post, this is how to do it:
1. Ask your 101-question(s) on the current #spillover thread.
2. write something like this on the thread which is prompting your question
“I’m unclear about what is meant by [quote or paraphrase relevant portion of post] but I don’t want to derail the discussion here so I’m taking my questions to the #spillover thread.”
and link to your comment on #spillover from Step 1.

Debunking trolls during Sexual Assault Awareness Month…

If you live in the States and believe rape is a serious issue, you likely know April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which has been around since the eighties – albeit ignored by most politicians, until filthy liberal Obama became the first president to treat rape as a serious issue. And whilst plenty of aspiring sociopaths think women deserve rape, the majority of civilised folks believe preventing rape is a good thing. But what happens when pro-rape trolls make the jump from spewing misogyny online, to harassing advocates and survivors at campus events?

Anat/Phys 101 with Mary Sue McClurkin: The body’s largest organ is the baby

Birmingham, Alabama, is home to a world-renowned teaching and research institution. Discoveries in cancer research, endocrinology, transplant medicine, surgery, and literally dozens of other specialties have significant impact across the globe. Twenty miles south in Pelham, Alabama state Representative Mary Sue McClurkin is stupid as a bucket of hair and thinks a baby is a bodily organ.

Giving Children a Healthy Start to Life

Mark Leon Goldberg here. The following article is from the most recent issue of PSI Impact Magazine, a quarterly publication from the global health NGO Population Services International. The cover story, written by Desmond Chavasse, Ph.D, Vice President, Malaria Control & Child Survival, PSI takes a look at some high-impact, low cost interventions that could greatly improve child health in the developing world. The solutions are relatively simple, but we need more political will (and funding) to fully realize their potential.

The Gap Between the Rich and the Poor Grows Larger

This is not new, but it’s disturbing: The SSA said 50 percent of workers made less than $26,364 last year — and most Americans have fewer job opportunities available to them. But the wealthiest Americans are relatively unscathed, with those earning $1 million or more jumping 18 percent from 2009.

What is a representative sex worker?

This is a guest post by Wendy Lyon.

This is a cliché that anyone who advocates for sex workers’ rights will be familiar with. Faced with a sex worker who defies the abolitionist stereotype of a person physically or economically coerced into prostitution, who thinks their job is ok and isn’t desperate to leave it (but could if s/he wanted to), and who argues that the solution to the negative aspects of sex work is decriminalisation and enforceable rights, the inevitable response is: You’re not representative. Why should the law be made for you?

Feministe and Planned Parenthood Are Hooking You Up

On September 22nd, “The Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead is bringing her benefit tour for Planned Parenthood to NYC, and she’s bringing Sandra Bernhard and Lisa Lampanelli along with her. It is going to be awesome and hilarious, and friends…

Relationship Advice – Marriage 101

Okay…all the single women gather ’round and I will share with you the vast bounty of my relationship knowledge. I know the key to getting married! And since obviously every female person is desirous of a state sanctioned relationship with…