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Against Trigger Warnings

Here is one that I imagine will be thoroughly unpopular around these parts: Why trigger warnings are a bad idea on college campuses. Continue reading

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Alternative Business School Rankings

This is awesome: The Aspen Institute has released a survey of MBA programs, going beyond test scores and ranking them according to “how well schools are preparing their students for the environmental, social and ethical complexities of modern-day business.” [Full … Continue reading

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Anti-gay professor will not teach at NYU

A follow-up to the NYU Law/Dr. Li-ann Thio drama: Apparently Dr. Thio has decided not to come and teach at NYU, citing hostility from students. I put in my two cents about Dr. Thio here. I actually think it’s good … Continue reading

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The oppressor and victim is who and what now?

Oh this story is so easy to critique. The summary is this: NYU Law, my alma mater, invited National University of Singapore professor Dr. Li-ann Thio to teach as a visiting professor. Dr. Thio is slated to teach “Human Rights … Continue reading

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Colloquium on Masculinity

This sounds like an interesting project: Spanning the humanities and social sciences and with contributions from across the spectrum of historical time periods and cultures, this year-long colloquium seeks to probe and investigate components of masculinity through the lens of … Continue reading

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Title IX “Target”: Science

According to The New York Times: Until recently, the impact of Title IX, the law forbidding sexual discrimination in education, has been limited mostly to sports. But now, under pressure from Congress, some federal agencies have quietly picked a new … Continue reading

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Higher Education

I spent much of my 4th of July weekend reading Snapshots from Hell: The Making of an MBA by Peter Robinson. It’s a novelization of Mr. Robinson’s first year at Stanford Business School in 1988. Chapter Twenty of the book … Continue reading

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A Brief(?) Addendum

Exholt left a comment on my last post that I thought warranted further discussion: Hate to be cynical, but most parents of undergrads and the undergrads themselves I’ve met in college, the workplace, and in grad school tend to not … Continue reading

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The Ivory Ceiling Part 2

Why Our Problem is Your Problem First off, thanks for all the great comments on part one. I’m glad people are finding this helpful; it goes without saying (I hope) that I’m finding your thoughts helpful, too. Recently, two friends … Continue reading

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The Ivory Ceiling: How Academia Keeps Women Out

Last March, Native American scholar and activist Andrea Smith was denied tenure by the Women’s Studies department at the University of Michigan. Smith’s publications and awards were more than enough warrant the job security that tenure provides; to students, colleagues, … Continue reading

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Support V-Day at St. Louis University

The international V-Day campaign has done amazing work for women world-wide — and women themselves have embraced V-Day in 120 countries. According to the campaign itself: V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day is … Continue reading

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Prelude to globalization

In response to Lauren’s suggestion a few days back that I write a post about something historical, I thought I would share with all of you a brief glimpse into that which supposedly occupies my day-to-day life. Namely, my dissertation. … Continue reading

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