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Help Georgia high-schoolers throw their first-ever integrated prom

Four Wilcox County high school students are raising money to hold an integrated prom. Racially integrated. Because they don’t have one, because ever since the school itself integrated 30 years ago, the parents have been throwing separate proms. The school declined to get involved, so the girls are doing the entire thing themselves. “If we don’t change it, nobody else will,” one girl says.

We Are Not Your Afterthought: responding to LGBT Soup

There are some phrases that, when you see them in an article, you know aren’t going to lead to anywhere good. “Political correctness gone mad”, for one. “Some of my best friends are…”, for another. “I’m not a ___, but..” is definitely one. One of the phrases that takes the proverbial biscuit (and a lot of other proverbials), though, is this one:

Now, before you run off to compose a face-meltingly indignant email to the editor..

When the writer already knows that they’ve written something to get their readers face-meltingly indignant, things can only go two ways. It could be that they’ve come up with something so new and wonderful that it’ll take the rest of us years to get our heads around. Far more often, though, you’re about to read something that will have you facepalming so hard you end up with permanent dents on your forehead. If you’re unlucky, you might not be able to stop yourself from muttering obscenities at the screen in the middle of your office.

The Facebook Rainbow

I’ve been off Facebook today, but three people have now contacted me about this whole “women posting the color of their bra as their FB status” thing. Because I seem to be everyone’s go to social media maven, they’re all…

When Allies Fail

Tami has a great guide for members of marginalized groups to work with allies. It’s a nice reminder to those of us who do social justice work from both sides — as members of communities that face various -isms, and…

Good Bye Feministe

I would like to thank everyone at Feministe for allowing me to guest blog here this summer.  It has been an interesting experience, and I have enjoyed the conversations and the exchange of ideas. This time for my guest blogging…